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    The issue was really good. It had nice pacing, the art was amazing, and the writing is as smooth as always. I like the slow build with Jace and that he's figuring things out.

    I would say my only critique, is like Second Son, it feels so short. At this rate, I worry how much Ridley can accomplish, and how far he'll get with the story he wants to tell.

    I also worry it may not be enough to grab new fans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aahz View Post
    Thing is he doesn't really feel that fresh to me.
    Azrael as a 90s "extreme" Batman or Gordon as Robot-Bunny-Batman that's at least pretty different from Standart Batman.

    With Jace I don't really see anything that feels really different from what other Batcharacters have done in the past.

    No they have at 2 black male Batfamily members, that are still around, two we have not seen since Rebirth, 1 that died pre flashpoint but you could probably bring back (like they did with alot of other characters), and one from pre COIE Earth 2, you could bring into the main continuity.
    And also a lot Batman Inc. character of all kinds of ethnicities.
    ^^ Fresh in the context of "blank" slate. So from a continuity perspective.

    All true with the other PoC's but only Luke has tie to the Fox family. Again from a storytelling perspective. Also think Duke will be "too young" to be put in the cowl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. White View Post
    2. Batfamily - There are a number of people who have worn the cowl in the past (and could still do) who are seen as "worthy" to do so. Talking about Dick or even Tim (Battle of the Cowl). Some people would even say JPV could have been used. So this begs the question - if DC wanted to have someone wear the cowl other than Bruce, why not pick from the pack as against a "random character"? Yes, a fresh character allows for greater creative/storytelling freedom, but that doesn't matter to sections of the fanbase. Also on this, why would they be ok with someone they don't know running around as Batman. Granted it's his first outing but yeah...
    Batman is the head of the batfamily and their leader, with Bruce that works because he is mentor/father figure to most of them. In the case of Gordon they at least all knew him and trusted him to some degree. Dick had a good relationship with basically everyone in the family. Jace just took the top job of the family without being part of the family...yeah, that could become quite awkward.

    As for the fanbase, I really don't think it helped Jace that DC seemingly wanted to "take out the competition" in preparation for 5G/FS.
    We know from Adam Glass, Joshua Williamson and bleedingcool that plans to make Damian a villain for 5G started way back in 2018 so Jace would have someone to teach "what it truly means to be Batman" or somethimg like that in 5G. That plan was scrapped and instead FS just acted as if Damian didn't exist.
    How they refused to stop with that Ric nonsense for two years is also suspicious. Even if it had nothing to do with 5G/Jace, I can't help but wonder.
    Tim...Tim was turned into a 40 year old Robin in FS to explain why he didn't take over as Batman...awkward...
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