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    I'd like to see Peter involved in an organized crime task force with the police department. (in MC2 Spider-Girl's world, Peter is a CSI supervisor in NY, yes?)
    Concurrent with that, similar to "the shadow", Spider-Man would have a network of informants who do not know his secret identity, but who share with Spidey their knowledge on various goings-on in New York City and the near vicinity.
    Spidey can take advantage of the abandoned subway stations. Like in the Andrew Garfield films, he can set up a 'spider-cave' base in one of these. Not necessarily Reed Richards tricked out, but enough basic laboratory stuff to do what Peter can do, without nosy neighbors wondering why he always gets large deliveries of chemicals (for web fluid, of course).

    I'm interested in Peter seeing other people besides MJ, who can still be a consistent friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dzika_Sowa View Post
    I would prefer some street level stories, or crime drama. I'm a bit tired of big storylines in Spider-Man. I want him to work with Daredevil or Luke Cage on some interesting cases etc.
    100% this. Back to the streets with a little bit of crime drama. Bring in the Devil of Hells Kitchen or Luke Cage.
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    I think I mentioned this before...but a stalker for MJ...but not the 'guy who wants to possess her' type...but a former rival from her modeling day. MJ got the part on Secret Hospital...and this other model trying to break into acting lost out and hates her for it. Hacking her social media, photo shopping pictures and deep faking video of MJ in compromising positions...and Peter can't do anything. If it is Peter who figures out the video and pics are fake or that the social media was hacked it could just be dismissed that her boyfriend is covering for her. So MJ needs to lawyer up (Foggy Nelson?) and let the Cops/FBI do an investigation. Maybe hire some bodyguards (like Luke, Danny and Jessica).

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    We need to know what happened to the baby who should be a 5 year old by now.

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    If Normie is 10, May would be 5, right? That means that Ben would have been dead between Revelations and Clone Conspiracy for like… 3-5 years maybe? With the whole sliding time scale thing there.

    I wonder how they will touch on the whole MJ pregnancy during Ben’s new series during that era. As much as they try to sweep that era under the rug, that’s kinda hard to ignore in old issues and trades.

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