Basically create a synopsis for a season like Marvel's What If consisting of nine to ten episodes with alternatives for the Star Wars Universe you'd most like to see! Here's mine...

Episode 1: What If... The Master Survived Instead of The Apprentice?

When Obi-Wan is separated by Maul from his Master Qui-Gon, his death leads to a different path for young Anakin as he grows into maturity.

Episode 2: What If... Rogue One Had Maintained A New Hope?

Captain Andor, K2-SO and Jyn Erso manage to escape the destruction of Scarif, only to find themselves enveloped in the destines of a Farm Boy, Smuggler and Princess.

Episode 3: What If... The Force Had Awakened in Finn Sooner?

Discovering his connection to the Force on Starkiller Base, a surprised Finn journeys with Rey to search for Luke Skywalker, putting him at odds with Kylo Ren.

Episode 4: What If... The Chosen One Still Knew His Future?

As the Son of Mortis unleashes his power in the galaxy, Anakin grapples with his destiny and the lure of the Dark Side alongside a troubled Obi-Wan and Ashoka.

Episode 5: What If... Han Solo Had Learned Order Instead Of Rebellion?

Forged into an exemplary Imperial Pilot, Commander Solo is attached to the rising ISB Agent Gideon, putting him into the crosshairs of both a former lover and the Mandalorians.

Episode 6: What If... Ben Solo Had Never Been Shown The Dark Side?

As the New Jedi Order prospers, Ben Solo faces his final test alongside Master Skywalker as an old evil rises alongside his granddaughter.

Episode 7: What If... Count Dooku Had Activated Order 66?

A simple decision sees Dooku and Ventress united against his old master instead of against each other, twisting the Clone Wars into a different outcome as the Skywalker family stands united.

Episode 8: What If... Luke Had Joined His Father?

Turned on Bespin by Lord Vader, Luke and his father prepare for a coop against the Emperor while his secret sister uncovers a new destiny.

Episode 9: What If... The Force Had Never Prospered?

In a galaxy bereft of Jedi or Sith, the war between Empire and Rebel still marches on as Emperor Tarkin and Grand Moff Thrawn seek the destruction of the Ghost and its crew.

Episode 10: What If... The Force United All Together?

As the shadow of Mortis threatens every universe, the Force calls a group of heroes from many worlds to oppose the power of the Dark Side.

Christmas Special (Hour Episode): What If... Fives Had Saved The Galaxy?

Fives is able to get the truth and intentions of Order 66 out to the public, forcing Palpatine into a new directive as the Jedi moves against him.


I tried to get a mix of eras and concepts, but I think these would all be interesting. I figured since Order 66 failing is so popular a concept it deserved its own special extended episode.