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    -Arkham Asylum (DC comics)- Librarian. Security tends to get slaughtered, along with most personnel. But librarian? You provide entertainment for them, get on their good side without pissing off the cops.

    -Gotham Police Department (DC comics)- Slightly better than Arkham. Slightly. Scratch that, its just as bad, if not worse. Unless you have plot armor, your chances aren't great. Make me meter maid, I'll take the mockery in stride as I live, and the poor mooks otherwise get wasted.

    -LexCorp (DC comics)- Janitor. Worse I have to deal with is Supes occasionally breaking Lex's windows.

    -Daily Bugle (Marvel comics)- Editor. Sure, JJJ likes to bad mouth Spidey, but I can lessen it, and remain a lesser name while still getting paid.

    -X-Mansion (Marvel comics)- Gardener. Nothing against mutants, but a big concentration of them like that is going to attract big trouble.

    -MCU Shield or Sword (Marvel Cinematic Universe)- Janitor. Want nothing to do with the frontlines. Hell, make me a temp.

    -Eureka (TV show Eureka)- I know nothing of this show.

    -Star Labs (CW Flash TV show)- Other than Team Flash, does anyone else even go there at this point?

    -Star City Police Department (CW Arrow TV show)- Almost as bad as Gotham PD. So, desk jockey.

    -Star Trek Federation (pick which era/show/ship)- Never watched it.

    -Leaf Village (Naruto)- Ugh. Sure, in times of peace it would be interesting to be in a town of ninjas, but being ninjas, you need to have eyes in the back of your head. Farmer. Even if invaded, people need to eat.

    -Winterfell (Game of Thrones TV show)- ...I see no win here. Especially during the show. The castle gets wiped out at least twice. First during War of 5 Kings, then in the battle against the Night's King. Unless I'm a Stark, or one of the other big names, there's no guarantee of surviving. At all.

    -Kings Landing (Game of Thrones TV show)- Fisherman. That way I can get the hell out of dodge during the Battle of Blackwater, and far enough away that I can avoid Dany going nuts.

    -Death Star (Star Wars)- Early security guard, that gets rotated out. Like hell I'm staying on there when the Rebels find out about it.

    -Tatooine (Star Wars)- Slave merchant. Ethically and morally, its a terrible thing. But in Hutt space, short of being a Hutt themself, probably the safest and most profitable position.

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    This looks like fun. Just for the record, I am a licensed psychotherapist. So I have some skills. Let's see how I do.

    -Arkham Asylum (DC comics) I'm not a bad therapist, but most of these guys are beyond therapy. I stay away from the Joker at all costs, but I treat all my clients with respect. Hopefully they don't kill me when they break out! Probably the most dangerous year.

    -Gotham Police Department (DC comics) Cops need therapy. Yeah, I get the job and do fine.

    -LexCorp (DC comics) HR or another therapy gig, working for Lex's employees. Probably lot's of NDA's, and employees dealing with burn out.

    -Daily Bugle (Marvel comics) Advice column.

    -X-Mansion (Marvel comics) School counselor.

    -MCU Shield or Sword (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Spies need counselors too, and they can't go to a normal therapist. Looks like I have another gig!

    -Eureka (TV show Eureka) don't know this show- pass!

    -Star Labs (CW Flash TV show) This building is abandoned, except for Team Flash. I guess I could be on Team Flash as an advisor, and be a damn sight better than most of them. Maybe I'll luck into some superpowers. Almost everyone else on the team has them!

    -Star City Police Department (CW Arrow TV show) Police psychologist (again)

    -Star Trek Federation (pick which era/show/ship) Deep Space Nine -before Ezri Dax shows up, and while Major Kira is single. As a Star Fleet Counselor I'll be an officer (Lt. Commander with my years of experience) and in the inner circle, and during a season where Kira Nerys is single- well, she's never been opposed to dating co-workers. I might have a shot!

    -Leaf Village (Naruto) - never saw it. Pass.

    -Winterfell (Game of Thrones TV show) For my knowledge and sagacity, I get selected for Maester schooling and sent to the Citadel. The training is very long, but well, it's only a year. I can deal with training at the Citadel for a year (I'm avoiding Winterfell at any cost).

    -Kings Landing (Game of Thrones TV show) see "Winterfell" above.

    -Death Star (Star Wars) Military intelligence/clone conditioning. I also keep a close eye on where the escape pods are. If not, I try to have some installed in case those pesky rebels show up during my year of duty.

    -Tatooine (Star Wars) Trading, mercantile stuff on this backwater planet. I'll work for some mercantile consortium and get by for a year.
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