Generally, Marvel's adaptations of the sequel trilogy have come a few months after the film (Which kind of helps a lot-one problem with Marvel's old adaptations of the OT is that they basically had to 'guess' on some things movie-wise; a great deal of the ESB comic adaptation, for example, got Yoda wrong since all they had to really work with was concept art and they also 'flipped' Ozzell and Piett likeness wise). However, "Rise" is an exception (There does exist a graphic novel adaptation of the film, but it's a somewhat abridged version with generally more cartoony artwork and I don't think it was made by Marvel-they also have alternate adaptations of all the other films) due in part to Covid arriving at the same time it was slated to come out.

Sometimes, there are 'late' movie adaptations-despite most of the films getting comic adaptations for example, arguably the most popular Star Trek movie, WRATH OF KHAN, didn't in part because there were no licensed Star Trek comics at the time (DC eventually got the rights a year or so later). Some are never completed-the GOLDENEYE adaptation by Topps comics for example (although James Bond film comic adaptations are somewhat rare).

Anybody think this will ever happen at some point, or maybe be some kind of online exclusive etc?