So I just finished re-reading the Loeb/Sale Batman "trilogy" Long Halloween, Dark Victory and Catwoman: When in Rome
Great story, just gorgeous and gripping all the way through.
Does the Selina/Falcone family connection get explored anywhere else? There were definitely unanswered questions and loose ends left that I'd love to see explored.
The DC Wiki says this is the New Earth continuity, which does leave me a little puzzled at how it fits in with other stories, such as Selina having a strong resemblance to Louisa while she'd previously been said in Catwoman: Her Sister's Keeper to have a strong resemblance to her sister Maggie. It seems both those things shouldn't be true. These kind of continuity issues don't spoil my enjoyment but it does leave me curious to try to fit it all together. The easy answer is that they conflict because of Crisis hiccups, Superboy Prime reality punching or whatever. That's not really a satisfying solution but if that's all I get I can live with it.
And there's no information on how Selina learned of the Falcone connection.
We see so little of Louisa and what we do see is shocking and hard to understand, that she deceived her powerful husband to save the infant Selina but then tried to have her killed so capriciously and for motives I didn't quite understand as an adult.