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    Default MHA villains VS the Villain Extermination Special Taskforce (VEST)

    Circa My Hero Academia 325...

    When Midoriya declares that he will "take everything back" with his friends, principal Nezu suddenly appears and tells him that enough people have been either hurt or killed. And that he's now willing to sign the death warrant of every villain in Japan to make it stop!

    Right there and then he debuts a new hire:

    Rock, of Lagoon Co, Director of VEST, who works behind the front lines with Tanya Von Degaurechaff the lead strategist for what amounts to an anti-villain death squad made up of:


    Kenpachi Zaraki

    Esdeath(VEST's field commander)

    Dio Brando


    Lucy the homicidal Diclonius



    Can any villain in MHA survive VEST?

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    Doesn't this belong in the Curbstomps thread?
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    Yeah I don't see this thread going anywhere good.
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