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    Default Strongest Toriko Character World Breaker Hulk Can Beat

    Title is as it says. Hulk gets dropped in the Gourmet World. What is the strongest thing World Breaker Hulk can beat?


    Bonus Round: What would Hulk’s Capture Level be at?
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    Oh boy, Worldbreaker Hulk, can't wait for some re-litigation of his strength and power. .___.

    Assuming that he's around "fuck with the structural integrity of planet earth" levels in terms of raw strength, I think the issue is that he's lacking in speed to really be able to play around with people in his strength ballpark. Like, he's capable of hitting hard enough to get someone like say... Bambina's attention, but he's literally never going to hit him because Bambina can dash across like an area the size of an entire continent in an instant.

    Hulk is too slow and the big boys aren't going to be vulnerable to thunderclapping.

    Capture level, something in the multiple thousands on raw strength alone.
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