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    Default WEBTOONS (spoilers welcomed)

    DC just released Wayne Family Adventures (with an accompanying dubbed motion comics) so I was curious if anyone's read any good Webtoons lately. I've added Wayne Family Adventures to my little reading list but I've also been reading God of High School, Black Sum, and I just recently started reading Ordeal (which thus far has been really good).
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    Webtoons... I read Noblesse, 4 Cut Hero, and Nano. 2 years ago, I read The God of Highschool, but the story kept dragging and dragging, especially in fights, and I lost my interest. I recommend 4 Cut Hero if you like Konosuba or any other anime with scum hero. The hero is Kazuma but stronger and craftier. It's fun to read, but currently, the TL group lost its patience on the author's hiatus.

    Noblesse is a vampire Bleach and Nano is a cyborg love. If we count Twitter manga as a webtoon then, I recommend you read Mieruko. It's good horror web manga.

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    I'm behind on my floppies but I've been recommended Dean Haspiel's universe in Web Toons. I'll eventually get to reading it since it looks like it's a fun read.

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