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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackraow21 View Post
    My wish list…

    - Keep Krakoa
    - Keep X-men as is (same creative team and cast)
    - Relaunch SWORD as a Mars-based X-men book (Ewing writing w/ an awesome artist, tighter cast w/ Storm, Cable and a few others but big supporting cast)
    - Keep the QC but make a few substitutions (I like the idea of Sunspot for one of them, maybe Monet too)
    - Ditch Daken from Marauders (he’s not that interesting IMO) and focus more on Bishop and Psylocke in that title
    - Change up X-Force and Excalibur (new creative teams and casts)
    - Leave Wolverine as is
    - Relaunched Cable series written by Ewing guest-starring the new X-Terminators
    Yes making SWORD an entirely Mars based team is a good idea.I find it weird that there is a SWORD station led by Brand who is as deep in duplicity as much of the QC and then another station orbiting Arrako.I see no trustworthy human representation. I rather have the Sword team of Brand orbit Mars and keep in touch with Ororo, while a SHIELD or international space station orbits the earth with maybe Rogue or Gabriel Shepherd (if not both) stationed there as mutant reps
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sin Nick View Post
    I'm just not feelin' this Krakoa era and I certainly don't wanna read about Storm on goddamn Mars. The X-Mansion in the 90s was cool to me, not the school stuff they brought in during the early 2000s. I miss all the cool Shi'ar tech they had excess to. The holographic danger room sessions and all that cool stuff. On Krakoa, it all feels very Gilligan's Island-y with access to portals to me... just my opinion tho.
    100% agree. I would love to see a team of X-men set up shop back at the mansion, maybe 6 - 9 members doing there own thing independent of Krakoa. I think the X-men were at their best when you had the two blue and gold squads operating out of the mansion, rivaled only by the outback team. Once they opened up the mansion to become a full fledged school with hundreds of students it all went downhill. Not digging this whole Krakoa nation thing, it's like the X-men have lost their soul or something.

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    Keep Krakoa.
    I would like to see a new series which involves characters like Mystique, Exodus etc who have their own agendas, who go against the rules of the Quiet Council while narrowing avoiding X-Force or the X-Men.
    A book where they are always scheming behind the scenes to bring down the QC and cause trouble within and outside of Krakoa.
    I enjoy anything Marvel cosmic, especially Thanos or Dark Phoenix related, loved the original Uncanny Avengers series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurolegacy View Post
    Why not both? They could have a faction of the X-Men operate out of the X-Mansion for some purpose. Hell, they could make use of the Krakoan gate network to basically turn their previous bases whether it be the Xavier School, Utopia, the Treehouse, etc into a series of hubs that allow them to interact more closely with the MU while maintaining a direct connection to Krakoa.
    Sounds good to me too. Past, present and future working together for everyone.
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    Now that I think about it, the scenario in the Beginnings Timeline (Days of Future Past, Apocalypse, Dark Phoenix) has a weird similarity with Hickman's huge retcon about Moira X. Indeed, Xavier absorbed the memories of the original timeline (Timeline Prime) from 2023 Wolverine's mind. This means that Xavier telepathically recorded names, powers, lives, events and secrets unveiled in a span of 50 years (1973-2023).
    I guess that we can safely assume that the history of the X-Men in the Beginnings Timeline is not entirely "genuine", but partially staged. That's my thought.
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    Keep Krakoa
    Keep (slightly adjusted and complete) Counsel
    Keep SWORD
    Keep/relaunch Marauders and Hellions, have on each team at least two original members (so 2 original Marauders on Marauders, 2 original Hellions on relaunch of Hellions)
    Get us a Dark Riders series of the team Magik had, but add 2 original DR members (preferably Foxbat and Spyne, as they fit the horror vibe
    Cancel Excalibur and X-Force.
    Get a New X-Men book (with that generation of students, becoming Young X-Men (Surge, Dust Hellion etc)
    Start using Vulcan, Petra and Sway.
    Perhaps an Imp Guard miini would be nice, feat Cannonball.
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