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    Default Happosai vs.Roshi

    Happosai, the evil master pervert from Ranma, takes on Master Roshi, the good master pervert from Dragonball.

    Which of the two will win the day?

    Note: Roshi only gets feats from the original Dragonball Manga, not Super or the movies.

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    Roshi is a moon buster but Iono if Happosai would ever give him the time of day to actually pull it off.

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    He definitely doesn't have time for a big kamehameha. I think they're probably in the same ballpark statswise, but Happosai has a bit more in the way of moves that don't require any startup time. He can dump bombs on Roshi all day every day.

    Put another way, I've generally said I think the top tier of the 22nd Budokai is about where Ranma fits in, and when he's serious, Happosai usually has an edge on Ranma (though we're a bit lacking in serious fights between them, especially in the last leg of the series).

    That said, if Roshi CAN unload a big move, Happosai probably can't survive it at that point.
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    Both old masters and pervs. With one glaring difference. Where Happosai has been proven to be easily distracted by attractive females in general, in the middle of fights no less, Roshi can and has gotten serious when need be.

    If say, a porn mag was thrown between them, both would be tempted, Happosai would go for it, and Roshi would blast him off into the distance. And then take the porn mag for himself.

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