View Poll Results: Who Is The Smartest Member of The Bat Family?

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  • Bruce Wayne

    17 54.84%
  • Barbara Gordon

    12 38.71%
  • Tim Drake

    2 6.45%
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    Quote Originally Posted by dietrich View Post
    That has always been the case. Dick has far more impressive cases even before Tim was introduced.
    He taught Tim everything he knows about working a case.
    Tim figuring out Batman's secret identity had nothing to do with smarts or skills. He simply recognised a special move he witnessed on the most memorable/traumatic day of his life.

    Just the stories from the hudson era alone [without looking at Dick whole library] are proof enough.

    There's a reason why Dick was called the world's 2nd best detective.
    I think the point is Tim would eventually surpass the both of them because he had the most potential.

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    Voted for Bruce. For the sheer ludicrous feats, like having a Batcave on the moon. Plus there's the Batman effect, when he does something ridiculous, like defeat the Justice League, you roll your eyes, cringe a little and say fine, you accept it because he is the gosh darned Batman. If Tim and Babs were to pull the same type of stunts, you'd probably call bullshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dietrich View Post
    i know that tech, electronics and systems Babs and Damian are more skilled based on fears we are shown.
    That really depends on the writer, in his last Urban Legends story Barbara needed iirc Tim's help to reboot the Batcomputer (or something like that).

    And comparing feats from books by different writers, in different eras and with a completely different tone is also often not the best metric...

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    I'll go with my preference rather than how DC currently portrays them (Batman is literally the best at everything).

    I think Bruce is the all-rounder and teacher. He has an incredible wealth of knowledge and skill giving him a leg up in most situations. He knows a bit about everything but then needs to research the details/specifics.

    Babs is the master of tech and anything digital. She is also a big picture thinker, hence the Birds of Prey and her previous role as Oracle of coordinating the Bat-family, and she has great emotional intelligence allowing her to be a person outside being Oracle/Batgirl.

    Tim is learning from and ultimately surpassing both.
    Just. Be. Nice.

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    They are all smart in different ways.

    Bruce is a good detective, who is very efficient.

    Barbra's intelligence is her Whiz Kid talents.

    Tim is wise

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrikito View Post
    I voted Barbara. For her Oracle role existence.
    Yeah, in BoP, Barbara beat the Calculator.

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