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    Default How old are the Batfamily currently?

    What are the ages of:

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    Damian has 14 according Robin(2021) 1..

    Not sure about the rest.. You can think that they have one age now and be Wrong about it..

    I remember some ages but they were added in N52 or rebirth. Better ignore them now.. Supergirl has 21 now but in rebirth had 16 YEARS despite she was 17 in N52.. Rebirth made her younger. hahahaaa.

    Who knows how old are the batfamily members now.
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    Damian is 14, Duke is 16 or 17, and the ages of the rest you can only guess, since there as been a lot of wired up and down ageing going on in recent years.

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    Damian is 14, Duke is at least 17 ( was 16 in We are Robin, and said he's trained under Batman for a year as of Batman & The Signal), and Tim is supposedly 17/18; everyone else is kinda a toss up as far as I know.
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    Jason is early 20s, going by previous dialogue and events.

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    The current timeline I manage to track, based on events already confirmed to happened
    Infinite - Damian 14 - Jon 17 to 18 - Jason early twenties - Kara 21 - Lian Harper teen
    Rebirth - Damian 13 - Jon 10 to 17
    We Are Robin - Damian 12 - Duke 16 - Harper 16 - Tim 16 - Jon 9
    Batman Incorporated Leviathan Strikes - Damian 11 - Jon 8
    Batman and Son to Death of The Family - Damian 10 - Jon 7 - Kara 17 - (Lian Harper rescued)
    Under The Red Hood + Infinite Crisis - Conner died - Bludhaven intact - Damian 9 - Tim 13 - Jon 6 - Jason late teens
    No Man's Land + Officer Grayson - Damian 8 - Jon 5 - Tim 12
    (Young Justice)
    Knightfall + Knight of Bludhaven - Damian 7 - Jon 4 - Tim 11
    A Death in The Family + Zero Year Savage City + A Lonely Place of Dying - Dick quits the force - Damian 6 - Jon 3 - Tim 10 - Duke 10 - Jason teen
    (The Killing Joke)
    Damian 5 - Jon 2 - Tim 9
    Damian 4 - Jon 1 - Tim 8
    (Nightwing Year One - Jason preteen - Dick college age)
    Damian 3 - Jon born - Tim 7
    Death and Return of Superman - Damian 2 - Conner born - Tim 6
    Damian 1 - Tim 5
    Daughter of The Demon - Son of The Demon - Tim 4
    Death of The Flying Graysons - Tim 3 - Dick preteen/teen
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    if the age gap between tim and dick is that large how does tims origin still work? In my mind dick is just mid 20s

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    Quote Originally Posted by WonderNight View Post
    if the age gap between tim and dick is that large how does tims origin still work? In my mind dick is just mid 20s
    Either he has to be younger when he became Robin, or he became Robin much later. within one year of Jason becoming Red Hood. Like, Jason was resurrected, trained, then Tim became Robin, then he immediately return as Red Hood. Then Conner died.

    I decided to make him younger when he became Robin because he still needs time to befriend Conner, Cassie, and Bart.

    But the Nightwing timeline is as is, and Tim is a teen at the moment, while Jon age naturally (at first). Based on the present flashback as written by Taylor and drawn by Redondo. You can push Dick becoming Robin from preteen to high school, with Damian being aged artificially instead of naturally or Batman meeting Talia before Dick, but that's the most you can push it.
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