I'm sure a lot of us out there are single , eligible and well ready to spread our DNA to future generations ahead. But alas , those ladies just don't view us as the worthy breeding stock. So us STUDS are left to the pasture. To never get to the barn. Yes I could do more horse comparisons to make this cringe worthy as hell...but you wanna finish this thread.

So one Facebook they have been introducing the new Singles deal where you can meet that potential love. In fact it almost reminds me of this from MadTV.

Of course the last decade I believe some of us have experienced FB dating at its finest ....or lowest times. With lots of comical stories , twists and insane things that have played out. Hell we may not have even tried FB dating , was speaking to someone special and the next moment your in stunned silence. Here is a few fun stories of my own the last decade on the platform.


The Female Trump Supporter

Back in early 2015 a friend of mine told me about this woman he kinda knew. Telling me how , hey should could be perfect and did share some interests in movies. Of course he said that , well...she's a Conservative and your ...you. I was like well ...maybe we can respect each others differences. I know that there are plenty of conservative men/liberal women and vice versa type relationships.

So my interactions to start was kinda good. The lady was friendly and we didn't hammer each other over Roe vs Wade or gun rights to really derail conversations etc . More or less it was about movies and more. We had a slowly building type thing which worked for us and maybe leading to...well meeting in person 1 day (she lived 2-3 towns away). Anyhow...what happened in 2015 was...the emergence of one Donald Trump.

Like the Hate Monger sane people I knew once on Facebook lost their minds. People I never imagined would fall under the sway began saying terrible things about immigrants and more. Many slowly started deleting me for standing up for what our country was founded on. And well...as this passed...the lady I had started to know suddenly morphed. Gone was a reasonable person who never posted anything terrible or bad. In its place was FB memes and more of Trump etc. I ignored it...maybe its a phase.

Maybe she's going through a phase in life. Like the time I thought wearing a bandana around my head was cool. Like I saw some folks wear one and for a summer I thought I was cool. ......Don't judge me ok.

Anyhow months passed into 2016 and one of my posts supporting Democratic party and against Donald must have been the tipping point. This lady who had never argued with me or anything suddenly disappeared. I hadn't seen her in months and later learned she had blocked and deleted me. I opposed her SAVIOR. So I was spared that.

Maybe Donald saved me from a possible relationship there. Hell , if you can react that way to someone for disagreements could you imagine being married to someone like that ? She'd likely divorce me over Donald Trump !



The $$$ Woman !

This comically happened I believe in 2011 or 2013. Its been so long but its funny. Had a cousin tell me about a lady he knew. So I added them and everything seemed fine the 1st 2 conversations about things.

Of course it being me and my brand of comedy life at times within 2 conversations (no talk of meeting up yet or anything hanging out wise) the lady sends me a PM one day. Its out of the blue and I take a break from work. Its one of those moments you have to laugh over and this oddly has repeated a few times with me the last few years at times.

"Hey ... its me ___. Look I hate to ask this ...do you have $100. I have bills to pay and need the money...badly !"

Now this is no joke , because I was sent 2 more PM's of this explaining her bill situation and more. The fact this lady barely knew me and suddenly wanted $100 bucks out of nowhere for bills. I was like , WTF. Now she had friends and family but a guy she barely knew she wanted money from ? Like are you serious. I replied back nicely that I didn't have $100 and I had just started my job then. I got back a "Whateeever..." and comically later was deleted.

My cousin laughed so hard as I showed him this exchange.

Oddly after this over the years without the angry exchange at the end this has repeated 3-4 times. Ladies who barely know me suddenly asking me for money. Like...least wine and dine me ok. No need to jump straight to thinking I'm Hugh Hefner !

I think I'll avoid FB dating there. I have had enough experiences to know....its not worth it !