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    Default What did you think of Joshua Williamson's Flash Rebirth? Everything about it

    What did you think of the run? Did you like it, hate it, loved it or despised it, tell me your opinions on it.
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    None of those apply to me. I thought it was fine, nothing special but nothing bad about it either. I was surprised though by how many fans it had and Iím glad for that. Iím always glad when someone enjoys something.

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    I’ve said this in other threads but I dropped it at the end of the Year One arc. It felt like a never-ending Barry Allen self-pity party. That and I had absolutely zero interest in the new forces that sprung out of whatever Snyder was doing. I enjoyed it in the beginning. I liked Godspeed. I felt like more could’ve been done with Black Hole.
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    I had my issues with it but ultimately I really enjoyed it.

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    Overall I liked it. After many years of subpar to terrible treatment of the Flash franchise, this good run felt like a big relief. I'll break it down in parts:

    I liked that a lot of Flash's traditional villains were given a focus - The Rogues, Grodd, Hunter Zolomon, and of course, Reverse Flash - and generally written well. Central City also felt like a pretty lived-in place.

    I loved that he tried his best to please hardcore fans by honoring Flash history and reincorporating forgotten aspects of the mythos, from easter eggs & homages to the reindtroduction of beloved, neglected characters. Some of his retcons were pretty masterful cleanups.

    I disliked that Barry was always doubting himself, moping around feeling guilty, and getting into pretty futile arguments with Wally/Wallace. I also thought of the emotional dialogue was very excessive at times, reminiscent of the show. I could have used a little less time travel as well. These factors ebbed and flowed throughout.

    I dispised the forces arc; I thought the concept was terrible, the new characters fairly pointless, and the conflict flat. Barry also frequently brought up his dead mother, a retcon which is like a thorn in my side. Sometimes, like with Godspeed, an arc hinged on it. I get that he was saddled with that continuity, but to incorporate it in such a way was a creative choice that rubbed me the wrong way.

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    Liked it a lot, it’s the run that made me care about Barry and it’s Barry’s best run (for as much or little as that’s worth).
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    I really enjoyed it!

    I thought Williamson had a strong grasp on Barry's personality, and loved the interactions between him and Snart.

    So one of the better flash runs of late.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BatmanJones View Post
    None of those apply to me. I thought it was fine, nothing special but nothing bad about it either. I was surprised though by how many fans it had and I’m glad for that. I’m always glad when someone enjoys something.
    This is my position as well.
    While I'm grateful he didn't butcher the franchise any further, he also didn't create anything that sticks in my mind either.
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    I really enjoyed the run initially. But you could tell at several points that he was trying to work around editorial mandates.

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    I really enjoyed it up to the end of Flash war. A lot happened, at a quick pace and all it seemed to be leading somewhere. There were a few bright spots after, I liked the Trickster arc and Zoom's final heel turn was fantastic.

    However, after that the whole 'forces' thing was really weak. Barry's quest to find them was too short, finding the users too easy (and none were particularly interesting) and its resolution felt like an afterthought.

    Part of me thinks I enjoyed it less because of the art after 50. it was a lot less dynamic, duller colours and it just felt flat.
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