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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterParked View Post
    I think Dracula, Morbius, Blade are all from the same years, so it's not about the comic code. Morbius isn't a vampire, it's a jekyll/hide kind of character, if you remove his origins he is just one among thousands of vampires.
    Ah, I knew I was right about this. It was related to the comics code (Morbius came out a few years before 'Tomb of Dracula' and Blade)

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    i read this with low expectations after going through this thread, to the point where i was thinking of not picking it up. i'm not here just to read about my favourite nostalgia character no matter what... the actual comic needs to be worthwhile with or without ben.

    buuuut... i think my tastes might be a bit out of step with the consensus.

    firstly, i really like the art. i still don't understand the it the "sketchiness" of it? idk whether it's because i like a "non mainstream" art approach in general that lets me accept this more, but i'd put this art leagues above bagley's latest stuff. i like that it captures ben (and by extension peter) as dorky but kinda good looking, as opposed to hot nerd peter depictions i'm used to.

    daughters of the dragon: i have zero opinion on them so far, beyond some expositionary device to help us understand ben's current sitch. it's fine, it does the job.

    the dr kafka chat is my highlight and honestly, could have lasted the whole issue for me and i'd have loved it. i enjoy the exploration of how much ben is peter and how much he isn't, which this gave us. and that memory loss thing is a huge moment with what i'm hoping will be a big pay off.

    i do think janine in a gilded cage has to go somewhere. simply having a character draw attention to it isn't enough to excuse it. as for their convo, sure, it's all about current plot stuff but i wouldn't mind some exploration of the years they've missed together. i mean, dude is back from the dead and she has been in prison. you don't just gloss over that stuff. right now their relationship is generic couple stuff without specifics of what make them unique.

    morbius fight was decent, it reminded me of how fun it was seeing ben (re)encounter peter's villains after 5 years on the road. that sense of familiarity yet unfamiliarity. whether ben kicks ass or not is just...not an interesting point of discussion for me. i'm not bothered by the amount of wins a protagonist scores.

    all in all, i liked it though i agree it was light and quick on the reading but i wouldn't say that's exceptional to most modern comics i've experienced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pav View Post
    No worries, friend. Glad to have you participating in a positive, constructive way. Your passion for Spidey comics is clear and our conversations are richer now due to your contributions!

    As for the points you made regarding Ben needing something MORE than "being Peter but not," I guess I'd say old-school fans of the character don't need much more; I could read stories about Ben's existential dilemma indefinitely! But you make a good point that new readers (or readers who don't dig deep philosophical conflicts) may need something beyond that to get them interested in following the character long-term. As you mentioned yourself with the Black Cat example, there's nothing wrong with characters growing and evolving; it's necessary! But the heart of what makes the character special can never be forgotten, and I think Ben's status as "Peter but not" always needs to be there. Otherwise, nothing much separates him from Miles or Kaine or any other secondary Spider-Man.

    -Pav, who likes to wear his Scarlet Spider hoodie to work each year when Halloween rolls around...
    Yeah........Mary Jane grew and evolved
    she started off as as the selfish, shallow party girl.
    When you look at how old she was when she appeared, she was 18 years old
    a lot of people aren't exactly the same as they are when they were 18 years old

    I didn't understand how some thing that it wasn't realistic for her to not be the same when she was 18.

    I read that Wolfman didn't believe in Mary Jane's development for not being organic.
    That's why he wrote her out of the comics and he made her come off quite callous in responding to Peter's marriage proposal which was written as set-up for the break up in The Amazing Spider-Man.
    The writer of The Spectacular Spider-Man did some damage control with Mary Jane.
    In follow up with that, Wolfman introduced the history of Mary Jane having a divorced parents.

    Peter wasn't really ready to be in a marriage with Mary Jane. He never shared his secret about being Spider-Man to her.
    You cannot enter a marriage with secrets like that.

    Looking at it with the retcon of Mary Jane knowing that Peter was Spider-Man before they met, she wouldn't think that Peter wasn't ready either and think that he had some nerve to expect them go forward in a major way without sharing an important part of his life to her. On top of that, she could have turned him down out of fear because he's Spider-Man and not just because of her history of having divorced parents and troubled home-life.

    I hate when some Black Cat fans make the argument that Black Cat is better because she accepted both Spider-Man and Peter Parker after she developed from only caring about Spider-Man and having no interest in Peter.
    They make it sound like Mary Jane accepted only Peter Parker, but Mary Jane had grown to fully accept Peter Parker as Spider-Man after they reconciled after their separation after Mary Jane was rescued from a man that faked her death. Mary Jane finally understood that Peter needed her which is what she needed to hear from him for she thought she was useless to him. After Peter died as the result of the brutal beatdown by Morlun, Mary Jane realized that she can go on without him. I liked when Mary Jane attacked Morlun right after she saw him with Peter even though had no power to stop him and got her arm broken. She wasn't scared for her only life. She was only concerned about her husband at the moment.

    I don't like it when Black Cat used Black Cat's growth and evolution to argue as Black Cat being better than Mary Jane but ignore Mary Jane's growth and evolution.
    I created a thread about Dick Grayson/Nightwing and Koriand'r/Starfire.
    It is to acknowledge and honor their iconic and popular relationship.

    I created a fan page about Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson.
    This page is for all the Spider-Marriage fans.

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