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    I don't think it warranted a movie. I mean, even I personally wouldn't have minded a longer final fight but at the point the two are I don't think it needed to be stretched beyond a final dual that finally puts Maul to bed. Felt fitting in that respect.

    I mean, okay, maybe the Obi-Wan show could've been Maul kidnapping Leia or something to draw Kenobi out (which is the only reason he'd leave Tatooine) but I think the choice they made was valid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by godisawesome View Post
    And it still should have been a movie, rather than an all too brief epilogue. I get that a bunch of people love the simplicity, but more people would love a larger story. Everything about their situation has changed, and to put it bluntly, I hate subtraction when addition does more.

    This is Star Wars. Escapism, awe, wonder. The final duel in Rebels is better than TLJ, yes, but it still falls to the same artsy-farts boring stuff as usual.
    Nah, there is zero reason to draw it out further...the whole point of the duel was that it was pointless, that vengeance is a dead end street while balance leads to greater mastery. If you give Maul lots of flash and spectacle and make it some big to do then you lose the emotional resonance, as an audience seeing that message of the futility of the dark side play out and the look of pity and regret on Kenobi's face as he holds Maul as he dies says far more than any prolonged plot ever could.
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    Easily this one. Regarding the fighting style of Sidious, I don't think I've ever seen something so elegant and scary at the same time.

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    I put together a compilation of amazing light saber battles in a quick 90 second video

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