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    Default MCU Professor Hulk vs Winston from Overwatch

    1. playing chess
    2. armwrestling
    3. inventing new gadgets contest
    4. (friendly)h2h fight
    5. they sit and talk

    You can suggest more scenarios, as long as they are friendly ones
    whatever Scientists tells us what they believes are the only things that exists in Reality(our world), they treats what US government and mainstream news media said about things like 9/11, CO2 Emissions, and so on as their gospel

    calling Real Life Martial Artists that can break walls "Comic Book Peak Human" is like calling Pre-new52!Cassandra Cain "Shounen Manga character"

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    1, 3 & 5 are fine.

    But 2 & 4…?! Winston does not belong in an arm-wrestling match or any sort of fight (friendly or otherwise) with Professor Hulk. Just like with the Talbot/Graviton thread, I think you’re under a bit of a misapprehension about Overwatch power levels.

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    Yeah, what Beadle said. I'm really fond of Overwatch, building a ttrpg setting influenced by it, but i get the impression the power level is even lower than the MCU was in the early days, 2008 onwards, compared to the stuff we see routinely in comics.

    Winston is really smart, and Gorilla strong, but even Nerfed Professor Hulk had the ruins of the Avengers Compound on his back. Does Winston have anything even putting him in Class 10?

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