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Namor managed to draw blood from Thanos back during the Hickman Avengers, though that was a sneak attack that broke every bone in his hand, and right afterwards Thanos proceeded to beat the shit out of him.

He also drew blood from both Sentry and Ikaris in other comics who origin I do not know. All of these are blood from the mouth type deals, not serious injuries.

That said, isn't modern Wonder Man an energy being or something? Even if Namor had the strength to hurt him, would punches actually do anything?
Simon can be punched just fine. There probably isn’t much lasting damage (as Sharp noted, Simon’s durability is pretty high-end, even among the Class 100 club) but he can certainly get hit around.

If we assume Namor is at least moderately moistened (yup, I used the word ‘moist’, get over it), he should have the slight edge. However - and I’m not sure Simon would ever fight like this - I do think his flight is quicker than Namor’s MLP-esque tiny ankle-wings, so if he can kite him long enough for Namor to dry out (and there’s no body of water in the arena), that advantage would shift considerably.

So, fighting smarter than he probably would, Simon could win this. And he’s not an idiot.

Oh, and Simon won’t get tired. Namor will.