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    Default Comicbook Quicksilver vs movie Makkari

    Comicbook Quicksilver vs movie Makkari

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    I've not seen Eternals but I hear Makari is like... small fraction of lightspeed kind of area?

    Comicbook Quicksilver plays around in that kind of ballpark broadly, but at his peak he has one feat of outrunning radiowaves I think which... might be SMvsFL?

    Makkari is more durable and strong I think.
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    Comic Quicky has been up and down in speed so many times, it's hard to figure out where to place him. Back in Siege, he ran around half the world in like 30 seconds, which is mach 1000 or so, and it's stupidly slower than movie Makkari, who goes much further, in an indirect path, in less than 5 seconds. Her speed calcs out to maybe 5% of C.

    She's also a lot stronger and tougher, being an Eternal.

    That said there are versions of Quicksilver who are faster still, and some who manipulate time and whatnot. So, versions matter. I have no idea at all where he tops out now.
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