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    Default My Simple , Silly , Stupid Addiction to ...DEALS.

    Years ago on an episode of South Park , there was a funny episode where the town got a Wall-Mart (yes it was spelled Wall-Mart) and the town people went crazy. Usually the town went crazy on a variety of funny things and in the episode the Wall-Mart seemed to take over their very lives by.....SHOPPING. Soon the entire town was there 24/7 trying to get good deals on crap they didn't need comically.

    Maybe its where its Holiday season or me liking physical media more. But I always look at Wal-Mart , pawn shops and thrift shops for the good cheap deals on movies and games. The best deals are ones like the movie collections.

    "Holy crap...all 8 Saw films for $1 ? MARK ME DOWN FOR IT !" at a local pawn shop.

    Or just today while looking through Black Friday buys I found a copy of all 4 Lethal Weapon films for $7.50 cents. And you know its Riggs & Murtaugh out there kicking ass as cops and it is Lethal Weapon. (I didn't get it , so I kinda kick myself on it) .

    But yeah with so many streaming options and all I constantly question , do I really need to get the complete 4 seasons of Transformers (1980's) from a Pawn Shop for next to nothing ? I mean its a great piece to own for sure and I have the entire series for sure now to watch whenever I want. But I'm sure its on a streaming platform and I can watch those last 2 seasons after the movie where Optimus Prime died for our cartoon sins. (he came back of who we know)

    But its the art of the deal I suppose to find cool movies , games , toys (if your into collecting those) etc. We as humans get this cool deal on these things and we are like ....OH HEEEELL YEEEAAAH.

    In all the last few years I been finding more deals on games. Its harder of course being a PS3 collector on games as many are starting to seriously hunt those down more and more. Collectors have also jumped onto PS Vita and its harder than crap now. I'm glad I found the ones like Persona 4 : Golden cheap back in 2016 or 2017 (that game goes for $50+ on up on ebay now) so I don't have to worry. But finding good deals are becoming harder.....and harder.

    Is anyone like me the type who stumbles into a good deal on movie , tv series , game , toy etc and not able to resist the lure of GOOD DEAL ? Are you addicted to Good Deals at times like myself ?

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    Shop smart and only buy what you need and/or can afford.
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