I was supposed to have shared this ON THANKSGIVING, as that was when this was first announced on Facebook. I'm home now and here it is!

Hobbyist animator "Marvelous Toons" announced FAN COLLAB series "AVENGERS: MINI-FORCE" and "THE YOUNG X-MEN", as part of a Marvel Universe created by and FOR fans!

In the launching now, this is an animated collective of series, based on the collaborations, ideas and suggestions from the Marvel fanbase! At the moment it'll start off as shorts (the first [ROUGH] short debuts in DEC 2021!) and as the series really kicks off, the content would come more and more so frequent.


She hadn't revealed everything yet, but basically the series starts everyone off as kids (thanks to COPPA they don't stay kids for long, and this series is a bit more mature than originally intended), all have ties to the primary villain of the first couple of arcs. Despite each team wanting to bring the undisclosed villain to justice, a sense of competition and separation occurs between the Avengers and X-Men, which causes them to become rivals instead of allies.

A lot goes on plot wise, as the story follows fan collab versions of Iron Man/Tony Stark, who has to learn a lot about who he truly is and that the legacy of the Stark Family shouldn't be what defines him; there's Captain America/"Steve Rogers" who seeks for his long lost best friend from a dire situation they both attempted escaping (to which only Steve escaped), only to uncover just to uncover the deep rabbit hole of his true past. Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, was quite and reserved, not knowing who to trust in the new environment she's found herself in, only to discover her real place amongst this new tribe. Thor's whole world seemed to have crumbled overnight, but just as the young god would, he becomes strength not just for his own plight, but for everyone else around him. And there's Loki... LOTS of chaos, bad (and good!) to follow Loki. and as always in typical Loki fashion, its his villainy that puts him on the heroic path!

We also have the X-Men, consisting of young Logan/Wolverine, Scott S./Cyclops, Remy L./Gambit, Ororo M./Storm, Anna M T./Rogue, Kurt W./Nightcrawler, Jean G./Marvel Girl???, Warren W./Angel, Henry M./the Beast, and John P./Thunderbird!

This fanmade incarnation of the X-Men in the series incorporates several ones of them with a past connecting to the Avengers, a past of extremities and torment they had to overcome. Trying to restore the "rescuees" of the team with their respective families, they find themselves on their teacher's path (aka their "Uncle Chuck") of salvation of mutantkind, and bringing about peace and synergy between themselves and humanity. Many have come up with new ideas, new focus characters and relationships to focus on, unique twists to the canon backstories of some, all leading up to the climax that is OUR version of "AVENGERS VS. X-MEN" which incorporates the "PHOENIX TRILOGY" as the grand finale (then the next gen of this series will start lol).

I do not have the direct link to this project yet, but I will very soon and have it shared. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE, WE CAN START BRAINSTORMING NOW!
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