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    Definitely, these would be My Top (3) Three choices...

    • Deathstroke

    • Red Hood

    • Hitman

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    Quote Originally Posted by j9ac9k View Post
    Why? They're all bad guys. Heroes would be more likely to hunt bad guys, although I'm sure there are some mercenary enough but they'd have to have the skills to track someone... Cheshire?

    Oh - how about Wild Dog? "Wild Dog the Bounty Hunter"... would DC get sued?

    Or Striker-Z? He's a stuntman and the greatest bounty hunter ever was Colt Seavers and he was a stuntman...
    The question was inspired by Cowboy Bebop, in which an ex-cop and ex-gang member pair up to become bounty hunters. Itís easier to imagine DC villains motivated by a payday than DC heroes, but itís interesting to see the possible combinations.

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