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    Default Monkey D. Luffy vs Senator Armstrong

    Monkey D. Luffy, the pirate who wants to become the most free man in the world.


    Senator Armstrong, the man who wants to create a world where all are free to pursue their matter the cost.

    For the purposes of this match, it will be Pre-Timeskip Luffy fighting Armstrong

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    Not really sure what Armstrong can do to Luffy here. He takes blunt force well but Luffy is effectively functionally immune to it.

    Luffy is a hell of a lot stronger than him, arguably a fair bit faster given that Armstrong doesn't have much in the way of good speed feats, despite fighting Raiden of all people.

    It'll take a while but Raiden did make a small impact on him with his bare hands and Luffy hits way harder than that so he should be able to do it.
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