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    Default Safespace, Snowflake and their discontents.

    In 2020 Marvel announced four new titles None of which came to fruition, only one of which has been made a focus of, 'New new Warriors'.
    What is Marvel's problem?

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    Because only one was so ridiculous in idea that it got traction.

    The rest of the stuff was mid(We got 2 issues of Gwen and it was not only boring but written nothing like 616 Gwen) and only the really good or bad stuff gets traction.Mediocrity doesn't gather attention.

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    I have a feeling these characters were intentionally designed to be as much "How do you do, fellow kids" as humanly possible, because they were meant to be government-sponsored antagonists in Outlawed. Then they tried to milk them for controversy in the marketing and failed due to being too ham-fisted. Oh, and also Covid happened.
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    Honestly I was excited and curious about it. I was hoping to read it for myself. I don't really have a problem with Snowflake or Safespace. But I'm neither black nor gay so maybe I'm missing something.

    I'm more upset over Screentime ingesting internet gas. That just sounds stupid.
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