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    Default Ranma Saotome in HunterxHunter world

    An event of Plot Fiat sends Ranma (Ranma 1/2) from his home universe to that of HunterxHunter at the beginning of that story.

    I've recently been reading a fair bit of the HxH manga, though not in order from chapter 1 yet, and I know at least the basics of where the plot has been stalled (hiatus for like 20 months); I am curious how powerful Ranma would be in HxH terms. I think I know how his canon techniques would be defined; I am less clear on how he stacks up physically.

    a. Beginning of manga Ranma
    b. End of manga Ranma, but physical attacks only
    c. End of manga Ranma, no restrictions at all.

    My read on where Ranma lies on the Nen hexagon is that he'd be an Enhancer with very significant aptitude for both his neighboring Emitter and Transmuter. Without changing his power-set I don't think he matches anything on the lower half of the hexagon at all.

    Anyone have insight?

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    Well, crap. I am familiar with Ranma, but never looked much into Hunter x Hunter. So, no idea how well the trouble-make does.

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    Okay, after reading some stuff I wonder if no one else has replied because this is a horrible, horrible mismatch and end-manga Ranma, maybe even beginning-manga Ranma, is just waaaaay too powerful for this to be fair. For some value of fair.

    If I created a horrible stomp I'm sorry. Is it more fair if it's only beginning-manga Ranma, or is he still too much for all but the very tippety-top tiers?

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    I'm pretty sure just not enough people are familiar with both series.
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    I've read both, though it's been a while with Ranma.

    He's definitely in the top tiers on sheer speed alone. He's not beating Mereum for example, but then most people in HxH aren't beating Mereum either.

    His comparative lack of esoterics would hurt him in the long run as well. Like, the current Nen Beasts arc has a lot of things that are just weird and nasty that his physicality won't really factor into.
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    okay, some more people replied!

    am I likely right in thinking what I did about his native abilities, Enhancer with high aptitude for Emission and Transmutation, doesn't really fit the lower half of the hexagon?

    i know a bit about Meruem; he's supposed to be the most powerful character in HxH history; amazingly physically overpowered in every way, plus incredibly superhuman intelligence -- more or less the perfect and ultimate biological weapon. The HxH Cell, basically.

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