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    Default The CW's Arrowverse Holiday Special - Beebo saves Christmas

    Thought that this could use it's own thread. Just saw it. And, what do you know, I loved it. Sure, it was an absolute overload of cliches and sugary moments, but damn, I just want more
    Give Beebo his own show already!

    Out of the 3 supporting furries, which one do you like best?
    I prefered Fleabo. While he was your stereotypical grouch, his scenes just were the funniest. Tweebo was also entertaining. Turbo.....a bit of a hit and miss.

    But anyways, I really wonder when our blue ball of floof will finally get his own merchandise

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    I stopped watching LEGENDS when they dumped Brandon Routh, but I always loved loved loved Beebo. It's great that I can watch this clip, without knowing any of the current continuity. More more more Beebo, please. I'm hungry.
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    Maybe I'm a scrooge, but X'mas specials just feel too contrived for me

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    Everyone except for the Star War Christmas Special. That was golden!

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