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    Quote Originally Posted by Emperor-of-Dragons View Post
    Amy Siskind said she have info from an inside source who lives in AZ and has a direct connection to Sinema. With his permission she started sharing what's behind Sinema's behavior. Her source assumed the media would come knocking and find this story - it is well known in Sinema’s inner circle! But they for whatever reason never did.
    It's probably a good thing the media didn't go out of its way to cover gossip.

    That specific rumor is based on the idea that Sinema wants to run for President, which is odd for someone who doesn't do interviews with national media, or even alternative media.

    It seems to be based on the idea that if a politician does something that partisan writers don't like, the obvious explanation is that there's some kind of ulterior motive, because no one would need a motive to vote the way you want them to, and no one would profit by impressing people like you.
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    Here's a disturbing thread regarding how the media is reporting on crime. Including those rash of railroad thefts.
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