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    Default E. Nelson Bridwell and DC's answer to the "Roots" mini-series

    What happens when imaginary history reflects real history? You get the amazing hero chronologies of E. Nelson Bridwell, three mini-series that (imho) marked the moment when the Bronze age began transforming into the Copper age.

    More importantly, these reveal how a therapeutic symbiosis of fantasy and reality changed culture forever and for the better. The website Splice Today is now running a two part series of articles all about Bridwell's crucial contributions to documenting the DC universe's evolution and its enduring/ever sprawling impact:

    Part 1

    Part 2

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    The truly sad thing for admirers of E. Nelson Bridwell is that, after getting out these works that were the culmination of his dedication to comic book history in the early 1980s, the Crisis hit in 1985 and by 1986 everything he built in those works was demolished, while he was fighting for his life, dying in January of 1987 at age 55. It's one of the comic book facts that just breaks my heart.
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