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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanguard View Post
    Yeah I’m gettin it.
    Pre ordered it way back in January because I love the run and wanted to do my part to make sure we get a volume 2 to finish the run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingNomarch View Post
    I guess not “iconic” but his design in SWAD and Ultimates. T’Challa really needs more flare in his designs again. It can’t be that hard to throw on more silver or gold accents again. The shadow with eyes wit the occasional necklace is dull.
    The MCU and Marvel knights versions are the best. Honestly there are times I wish he had more of a Blue hue to him to give him more details that just a Shadow. Though the habit lighting up when it absorbs damage or he is activating tech helps mitigate the blandness

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