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That Roided out rhino knocked him atleast 30 meters and then he got the ground and slammed into a rock so Namor is going to hit like that, OR he is going to hit like the vibranium trains. Either way fighting Namor is going to require a Level of fighting prowess Shuri completely lacks, and the only way to do it is going to either Job T'Challa, or Namor, or most likely both because Marvel on it's infinite wisdom has written themselves into a corner in universe and out of universe.

This movie is about to be a mess and no amount of actors going on and on about how it's going to honor Chad is going to fix it. The fact thats all they can say and nothing else to me points that they don't have alot of faith in the movie being anything more than a profiting off Chad's death. Snake Moore did his part in bringing the franchise down instead of helping Coogler and showing why T'Challa is so important.
I could see them making Namor into one of those characters that "Is really strong but doesn't have any actual fighting skills." A trope that doesn't make sense half the time. Namor has probably had to fight other people just as powerful as he is.

"Um, he's not good on land?" I suppose.