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    Default Doctor Doom Appreciation 2022 - Scientist, Sorcerer, Romani, King

    Romani, Sorcerer, Scientist, King

    Welcome fellow Minions of Doom to the latest iteration of the Doctor Doom Appreciation thread where we discuss All Things Doom and pay homage to the most Dangerous Man Alive in the Marvel Universe. Created by the legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Doom had his first appearance over 60 years ago in Fantastic Four #5 . For the benefit of any fledgling Doomophiles, here is a brief recap of the awesome origin of Doctor Doom by Artist Jim Cheung and written by Allen Heinberg as featured in Avengers: Children's Crusade #3. (as seen in Fantastic Four Annual #2 and Books of Doom #1-2)

    Doctor Doom reading list by DoomScribe

    Fantastic Four - Annual 2 1964 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby “Origin of Doctor Doom”; & “The Final Victory of Dr. Doom!” (2 new stories) Origin story. Then rescued from space (issue 23) by Rama Tut; Dr Doom uses berry juice to turn FF against each other; but defeated by Reed at the Encephalo-gun. **

    Marvel Superheroes 20 May, 1969 Roy Thomas/ Larry Lieber “This Man . . . This Demon!” Diablo. Retells Doom’s origin and the story of Valeria, as Diablo seeks a partnership to rule using Doom’s time platform, currently under armed guard at his replica castle in the USA. **

    Fantastic Four 86 May, 1969 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby “The Victims!” The FF & villagers defeat Omnipurpose robots; Doom destroys the village but Sue’s shield saves them. **
    Fantastic Four 87 June, 1969 Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby “The Power and the Pride!” The FF storm the castle; Doom uses hypersound against Hauptmann to prevent destruction of valuable art. **

    Astonishing Tales 1 Aug., 1970 Roy Thomas/ Wally Wood “Unto You is Born . . the Doomsman!” Prince Rudolfo. Doom creates an artificial being using cosmic power and his own brain patterns; Ramona who looks like Valeria, sets a trap. **
    Astonishing Tales 2 Oct., 1970 Roy Thomas/ Wally Wood “Revolution!“ The Faceless One. Former Crown Prince Rudolfo seeks to usurp the throne of Latveria, aided by the mysterious Faceless, while the android Doomsman runs amok, toppling all in it’s path. **
    Astonishing Tales 3 Dec., 1970 Larry Lieber/ Wally Wood “Doom Must Die!” Doom and Faceless struggle for control of Doomsman; an earthquake destroys Castle Doom & the hopes of the Rudolfo’s rebels. **
    Astonishing Tales 5 Apr., 1971 Larry Lieber/ George Tuska “A Land Enslaved!” Red Skull. Doom battles Skull, is caught by surprise and trapped in an adamantine mummy, but he defeats them & uses shrinking ray on his enemies. **
    Astonishing Tales 8 Oct., 1971 Gerry Conway/ Gene Colan “Though Some Call it Magic!” Mephisto. Doom embarks on a dangerous battle with demons on a midsummer’s eve for the soul of his lost mother. The first telling of this tragic tale. *******

    Fantastic Four 116 Nov., 1971 Archie Goodwin/ John Buscema. “The Alien, The Ally and Armageddon!” The Watcher, and the Stranger. Reed is brainwashed by the alien Over-Mind (an Eternal), and Sue asks Doom to aid the rest of the FF in a desperate battle. *******

    Sub-Mariner 47 (vol 1) Mar-72 “Doomsmasque”
    Sub-Mariner 48 (vol 1) Apr-72 “Twilight of the Hunted”
    Sub-Mariner 49 (vol 1) May-72 “The Dream Stone” Sort of a campy story when read now, but overall an interesting take on these two titanic monarchs of the Marvel Universe told over three issues. An amnesiac Namor is re-acquainted with Doctor Doom, and taken on a hunt for the Cosmic Cube! With Modok. And contains a remarkably restrained, honorable, and self-reflective portrayal of Victor Von Doom.
    Marvel Team-Up 42 Feb., 1976 Bill Mantlo/ Sal Buscema “Visions of Hate!” Spidey has time traveled to the time of the Salem Witch Trials. The Vision is drawn into the conflict with the Dark Rider. Doom joins them to defend the past. **
    Marvel Team-Up 43 Mar., 1976 Bill Mantlo/ Sal Buscema “A Past Gone Mad!” The Dark Rider attempts to extract magical energies from Doom to increase his own power **
    Marvel Team-Up 44 Apr., 1976 Bill Mantlo/ Sal Buscema “Death in the Year Before Yesterday!” Moondragon. Doom is almost lost, but finally uses his magical might with the aid of the others to defeat the Dark Rider. **

    Super-Villain Team-Up 10 Feb.,1977 Bill Mantlo/ Bob Hall “The Sign of the Skull!” Captain American storms the Latverian embassy while Shroud and Rudolfo invade castle Doom, now controlled by Red Skull, who shoots down Doom & Cap’s plane. *****
    Super-Villain Team-Up 11 Apr., 1977 Bill Mantlo/ Bob Hall “My Ally, My Enemy!” Red Skull plans to use the Hypno-Ray, Doom & Cap are shrunk, but make way to the castle where Namor and Shroud assist them against the Skull *****
    Super-Villain Team-Up 12 June, 1977 Bill Mantlo/ Bob Hall “Death-Duel!” Doom and Red Skull battle on the Moon *******

    Fantastic Four 198 Sept., 1978 Marv Wolfman Keith Pollard “Invasion!” ***
    Fantastic Four 199 Oct., 1978 Marv Wolfman/ Keith Pollard “The Son of Doctor Doom!” ***
    Fantastic Four 200 Nov., 1978 Marv Wolfman/ Keith Pollard “When Titans Clash!” ***

    Superman and Spider-man Marvel Treasury Edition #28 1981 ***

    Iron Man 149 Aug., 1981 David Michelinie/ John Romita Jr “Doomquest” Iron Man and Dr Doom are sent to England of the past, to King Arthur’s court! ******
    Iron Man 150 Sept., 1981 David Michelinie/ John Romita Jr “Knightmare” Doom seeks to ally himself with Morgan LeFey, as Iron Man sides with King Arthur. But they must work together in order to return to their proper time. ******

    Fantastic Four 236 Nov., 1981 John Byrne/ John Byrne “Terror in a Tiny Town!” ******
    Fantastic Four 246 Sept., 1982 John Byrne/ John Byrne “Too Many Dooms!” *******
    Fantastic Four 247 Oct., 1982 John Byrne/ John Byrne “This Land is Mine!” *******
    Fantastic Four 258 Sept. 1983 John Byrne/ John Byrne “Interlude” *******
    Fantastic Four 259 Oct. 1983 John Byrne/ John Byrne “Choices” ****

    Secret Wars 1 – 12 (Limited Series) May 1984. Heroes and Villains are transported to Battleworld by the all powerful Beyonder, in order to battle to see who is the most powerful. Doom ostensibly leads the villains, all while plotting to take the power of Galactus, and then the Beyonder himself. ***

    Emperor Doom (Graphic Novel) Jun-87 Dr Doom has harnessed the power of the Purple Man, and has declared himself Emperor of the Earth, instilling peace and prosperity throughout the world. But one Avenger must decide whether to take the power away from him, and risk returning the world to one of strife and conflict. Stars the Avengers. *******
    Triumph and Torment (Graphic Novel) 1989 Roger Stern/Mike Mignola/Mark Badger. Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange battle Mephisto in order to free the soul of Doom’s mother from his infernal realm. Includes a synopsis origin story for each of the good doctors. ********

    Amazing Spider-Man 349 July, 1991 “Man Of Steal!”
    Amazing Spider-Man 350 Aug, 1991 “Doom Service!” Remarkable appearance for Doom’s ultimate restraint, and also for quite thoroughly kicking Peter’s butt. ****

    Doom 2099 1 – 40 January 1993 Sometimes brilliant, ended too soon. Issues after #40 are best left unread. ******

    Heroes Reborn: DOOM one shot, January 2000 “Doom!” ******
    Heroes Reborn: Ashema one shot, January 2000 “Ashema” ****
    Heroes Reborn: Doomsday one shot, January 2000 “A World Untamed” ******

    DOOM 1 – 3 (Limited Series); October 2000 *** (starts out strong) Remarkable also for the nekkid Doom vs the male African lion in to the death combat!

    Doom: The Emperor Returns 1 – 3 (Limited Series); January 2002 ** (ends poorly)

    Books of Doom 1 – 6 (Limited Series); November 2005. An expanded re-telling of the rise of Victor Von Doom, and the conquest of Latveria. Great new insights, fabulous art, very well done and highly recommended. *******

    Stan Lee Meets Doctor Doom – one shot December 2006. *** Amusing and ties in to continuity in interesting ways.

    Iron Man: Legacy of Doom 1 – 4 (Limited Series) April 2008; Iron Man and Doctor Doom tangle again over fragments of Excalibur, magic and science do battle. ****

    Doctor Doom & the Masters of Evil 1 – 4 (Limited Series) January 2009 **** A fun mini series aimed at all ages. Great individual moments downgraded by inconsistent art.

    Fall of Hulks: Alpha one shot, Feb-10 “Meeting of the Minds” The Intelligentsia gather knowledge from the world, Doom keeps it. Fall of Hulks was difficult to follow unless you got all of the Hulk titles, but this one-shot was a particularly nice showing for Doom. **

    Spider-Man & the Secret Wars 1 – 4 (Limited Series) January 2010 Another all-ages title, recaps Secret Wars from Spider-Mans POV, with Dr Doom; again providing a new take on a classic story. ****

    [I]The following notable Fantastic Four arcs are purposefully left off this list for unforgiveable transgressions against the Master, but there were some elements in each that were laudable. Reader, draw your own conclusions.
    Fantastic Four (vol 3) 67 – 71/500 May, 2003. “Under Her Skin” and “Unthinkable” parts 1 – 4.
    Fantastic Four 566 to 569, July 2009 “Doom’s Master” and “Million Year Old Doom”
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    Default Books of doom - graphic novels and collected works

    Recommended Reading by ImperiousWrecked



    Emperor Doom OGN 27
    Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment OGN 49
    Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment (new printing) ( Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment OGN, Doctor Strange (1974) 57 and material from Astonishing Tales (1970) 8 and Marvel Fanfare (1982) 16 & 43)


    The Harrowing of Doom - A Marvel Untold Novel by David Annandate (Aconyte Books)


    Doctor Doom TP Vol 2: Bedford Falls. Collecting Doctor Doom #6-10. Available February 17th 2021
    Doctor Doom TP Vol 1: Pottersville. Collecting Doctor Doom #1-5
    Savage Avengers TPB Vol 2: To Dine with Doom. Collecting Savage Avenger 6-10 and Annual #1
    Infamous Iron Man v1 Infamous (Infamous Iron Man 1-6)
    Infamous Iron Man v2 The Absolution of Doom (Infamous Iron Man 7-12)
    Secret Wars 2015 (Secret Wars 1-9, Free Comic Book Day 2015)
    Doomwar (Doomwar 1-6)
    Avengers: The Children's Crusade (Avengers: The Children's Crusade 1-9)
    Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil (Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil 1–4)
    Thor: Latverian Prometheus (Thor 604-606, Sif 1, and material from Thor 600)
    FF: Books of Doom (Books of Doom 1-6)
    Doom (Doom 1-3, Doom: Emperor Returns 1-3)
    Heroes Reborn: The Return (Heroes Reborn: The Return 1-4; Heroes Reborn: Doomsday, Ashema, Masters Of Evil, Rebel, Remnants, Young Allies And Doom)
    Doom 2099 The Complete Series by Warren Ellis ( Doom 2099 24-39 and material from 2099: The World Of Doom)
    Secret Wars (Secret Wars 1-12)
    Iron Man: Legacy of Doom (Iron Man: Legacy of Doom 1-4)
    Iron Man vs. Doctor Doom Doomquest (Iron Man (1968) 149-150 and 249-250)
    FF: Overthrow of Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four (1961) 192-200)
    Essential Super-Villain Team-Up (Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-Up 1–2 and Super-Villain Team-Up 1–17) Black and White
    Super-Villains Unite: The Complete Super-Villain Team-Up (Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-Up 1–2; Super-Villain Team-Up 1–14, 16–17; The Avengers 154–156; Champions 16)
    Private War of Doctor Doom (Avengers 150-156, Annual 6; Super -Villain Team - Up 9)
    Marvel Masterworks Marvel Rarities (Amazing Adventures (1961) 1-5, Tales of Suspense 49-58, Silver Surfer (1968) 1-7, Marvel Super Heroes (1966) 20 and 23, and Astonishing Tales (1970) 1-8)
    The Villainy of Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four (1961) 39-40, 84-87, and 239-240 and Annual 2)
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    the immortal Jack Kirby sketching Doctor Doom and explaining his small scar theory. Video hosted by the Jack Kirby Museum

    Doctor Doom series (2019-2020) Interviews with Christopher Cantwell

    WMQ Comics: Christopher Cantwell opens up on 'She Could Fly', 'Doom' and 'Everything' My favorite quote from this article "The character is dangerously arch, and you have to be careful writing him for a media-savvy audience in 2020. There has to be just enough self-awareness and humor. There has to be humanity without making him needlessly gooey. The villainy can be amped now to pretty high levels, to remind people that he’s a bad person, in a real world that is increasingly run by very bad people. To me, Doom is both Dr. Frankenstein and the Monster. He is able to love, but he feels he is unable to be loved" (January 24, 2020)

    Newsarama: Why Doctor Doom is one of Marvel's most interesting and enduring characters: Doctor Doom writer Christopher Cantwell opens up about why Victor Von Doom is one of the coolest comic book characters (November 24,2020)

    PreviewsWorld: Best of 2020 Interview: Christopher Cantwell's Doctor Doom "In the following interview, Christopher Cantwell gives a glimpse into the creative thought process behind DOCTOR DOOM, how 2020 impacted the series, and more!" (December 28th, 2020)

    Adventures in Poor Taste: A Not So Wonderful Life: Christopher Cantwell Reflects on "Doctor Doom". This is Cantwell's exit interview for the series (December 29th, 2020)


    CMRO: The Complete Marvel Reading Order/Doctor Doom Reading Order

    Comic Watchers Show episode 112 Interview with Christopher Cantwell (January 14, 2021). The conversation starts with his Iron Man series and switches to a discussion of the Doctor Doom series at the 42 minute mark. There is also a viewer question about Boris and Kristoff at the 59 minute mark that gets answered


    This is a copy of a memo from Stan Lee that Roy Thomas posted a while back. I like that he gave Victor a lot of stars in his ranking

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    Default Coming attractions for 2022


    I plan to put some updates here from time to time of new products; action figures, statues, original prose or graphic novels, etcs.


    Doctor Doom: Reign of the Devourer by David Annandale - "The notorious Doctor Doom’s endless craving for power unleashes a soul-destroying plague on the world, in the latest devastating Marvel Untold novel" Ebook available January 18, 2022/US Paperback February 1, 2022/UK Paperback April 21,2022

    Doctor Doom Omnibus: Bow before the grandeur of Doctor Doom! The greatest villain of all is celebrated in a tome of tyranny six decades in the making! Featuring the Latverian ruler's first battle with the accursed Reed Richards and his Fantastic Four - and their most epic clashes since! Plus: Doom's unforgettable encounters with Spider-Man, Iron Man, the X-Men and the Avengers! A trip to hell with Doctor Strange! The power of the Beyonder! Victor von Doom's incredible life story contained in the Books of Doom! And more tales of the Lord of Latveria! Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #5-6, #39-40, #246-247, #258, #278-279, #350 and #352; AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #5; MARVEL SUPER-HEROES (1967) #20; GIANT-SIZE SUPER-VILLAIN TEAM-UP #1-2; SUPER-VILLAIN TEAM-UP #13-14; CHAMPIONS (1975) #16; AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL (1964) #14; UNCANNY X-MEN (1981) #145-147; IRON MAN (1968) #149-150; MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS #10-12; MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL: EMPEROR DOOM; MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL: DOCTOR STRANGE AND DOCTOR DOOM - TRIUMPH AND TORMENT; FANTASTIC FOUR (1998) #67-70 and #500; FANTASTIC FOUR SPECIAL and BOOKS OF DOOM #1-6 - plus material from FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #236, #358 and ANNUAL #2; ASTONISHING TALES (1970) #1-3 and #6-8 and MARVEL DOUBLE-SHOT #2.


    Adidas Stan Smith Doctor Doom

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    (updated 8/23/2022 with contributions by Doomscribe and K7P5V)

    I was a God, Valeria. I found it beneath me (Fantastic Four #611)

    Doom is no man's second choice (New Avengers #24)

    There is no good in me, Kang. There never was. And there never shall be. (Doctor Doom #10)

    Fear is for lesser men (Secret Wars #7 - 1985)

    I must arrange for spontaneous outpourings of joy among the peasantry to greet my homecoming (Astonishing Tales #5)

    The activities of society's elite are meaningless to me (Astonishing Tales #5)

    Doom: Isn't that what so many of you constantly waste your time doing? Trying to save me?
    Stark: You're right. Maybe it's time we all gave up on that
    (King in Black: Iron Man/Doctor Doom)

    My greatest flaw...I surround myself with idiots - Emperor Doom

    " King of Space?" "Master of the Sun"? You claim such vast dominions. Is it to balance your small souls? Could I not lay claim to the light and the void, if I wished it? Have I not earned such titles? I, who have mastered all arts, all sciences, all secrets? Whose technology and magic cross the stars as easily as they scramble an alpha telepath's mind? Who would dare to say I have not earned the right? Yet I am king of only a simple nation. On a simple planet. A beloved garden tended by iron hands. And the only title I have ever claimed... is doctor. - Guardians of the Galaxy (2021) #13

    I trust you enjoyed that last witticism -- for it is the last you shall ever utter - Fantastic Four #40

    You blundering atavism! Brute strength can never triumph against the power of supremely harnessed science! - Fantastic Four #40 again. Stan was on a roll.

    The King of Latveria is no common murderer. If I cannot magnificently win a victory, it affords me little pleasure to slay a foe merely slay a foe - Daredevil #38 Stan strikes again!

    You think you have known fear. You think you have known oppression. You have not yet known Doom - Doom #1 (2003)

    Dracula! Cease trying to eat me you undead idiot! - Dark Ages #6 (2022)

    Alas, the pizza party is over - Iron Man #17 (2022)

    It is a childish trick, not worthy of my great talents (Fantastic Four annual #2)

    Never will this mass of teaming humanity ever forget that Doctor Doom once walked among them (Fantastic Four Annual #2)

    Of course I speak the truth! Victor von Doom has no use for petty falsehoods! What is a paltry mistruth in the grand arena within my life is played? (Fantastic Four #247)

    But I have brought modern technology to Latveria, and forged in the white hot furnace of science a new nation that one day might have ruled the world (Fantastic Four #247)

    Doom tolerates no weakness (Astonishing Tales #7)

    I never fully understood other human beings (Fantastic Four #17)

    I would no more waste the Power Cosmic on you than I would use a cannon to slay a flea (Fantastic Four #58)

    Your unselfish concern touches me deeply, you unearthly clod! (Fantastic Four #59)

    I must make myself appear to be entirely innocent ... or she will never believe me (Hulk #144)

    I had thought you a lady but if you insist on speaking like a kitchen wench I'll treat you like one (Fantastic Four #259)

    Even a jackal my speak with the tongue of a fox (Fantastic Four #86)

    What greater strength does a man have .... than the strength of his far-seeing mind? (Astonishing Tales #8)
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    Hoping 2022 will be AWESOME for Doom

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    Doctor Doom and his too loyal servant and herald Zora on the page from the upcoming Reckoning War event.
    I don't think Doom will play a big role in the story, but this is a big F4 event and that means Doom should be here.

    Dan Slott brought Doom back to the stutus quo as ruler of Latveria and F4's greatest enemy, Chris Cantwell told Doom's deep and interesting personal story, Al Ewing cemented him as the greatest manipulator in the Marvel Universe - let's see what awaits us this year!

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    Happy New Year to the Lord of Latveria.


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    Here are Doom's first new appearances of 2022 and the previews look pretty good.

    CBR has an exclusive first look

    Darkhold Omega is also out next week. I've not seen any previews with Doom but I'm pretty sure he should be showing up there. We do see Victorious in this preview and at least she still sounds loyal to Doom.

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    Happy New Year Doom fans, hope Victar keeps being awesome in the Reckoning War
    "To the X-men then, who don´t die the old fashioned way and no matter how hard we try, none of us die forever" Uncanny X-Men #270, Jean and Ororo

    Magneto: The master of magnetism Appreciation 2022
    Polaris: The Mistress of Magnetism Appreciation 2022
    House of M Appreciation 2022

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucyinthesky View Post
    Happy New Year Doom fans, hope Victr keeps being awesome in the Reckoning War
    Thanks! We all want an awesome Victor for 2022

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    Happy New Year to the Lord of Latveria and his fans .

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    Happy New year everyone!

    2022 is the year of Doom! for me at least as I try to read as many of his comics as I can, I started with his first appearance in Fantastic Four #5 and realized he had a helicopter long before Thanos did XD

    "No one should ever question where my allegiance lies." - Namor of Atlantis

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    Yeah, Thanos has always been a Doom WannaBe Just joking, Thanos fans! I think the ThanosCopter first showed up in Spidey Super Stories. I had to look twice when it showed up in a area with a lot of debris in the Loki series on HBO.

    Maybe I should add the Doom copter to the top of this thread! Having never seen the inside of a Fantastic Four #5 original comic from 1961, I have to wonder if the copter changed colors between panels in the comic itself and why did the colorist change it? Oh well...

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