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    Quote Originally Posted by brainwasher View Post
    Brevoort confirmed that as much as he is able there will be no lettering previews for Hickman's book during this arc (I am not the one making the question).
    Actually I did, right after I posted here.

    I thought his answer was a little aggressive, but I understand why. The book will sell anyway, and I know Hickman dislikes previews.

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    Loving the look of this.

    Clearly Namor, while accepting the destruction of alternate Earth's must happen, during incursions, to save his own, it weighs heavily on him.
    Spectre: You did this. You have done what I thought impossible. You have forced peace. The whole world. It feels....ordered. The evil is still there in people, but they're afraid to act.

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    Sure this is the Supreme Power earth?
    Where are Arachnophila, Biogeneral, Old Soldier, the Ruler of winds, the Icarus One crew, and Mangog?
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