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    Default Vegeta vs Piccolo - The Receiving End

    Piccolo was teleported in front of Gohan and Krillin (before fusing with Nail) after one of them made a third wish to bring the recently resurrected Z-Fighter to where they are. Things come to ahead when Vegeta appears and demands what's going on. Piccolo told Vegeta what his friends did which upsets Vegeta enough that he threatens to kill everyone standing near him. Starting with Piccolo.

    Can Piccolo hold his own against an enraged Vegeta dead set on killing him?

    Or could The Saiyan Prince beat Piccolo (Pre-Nail fusion) to a pulp? Especially since he had gained a few Zenkai Boosts during his visit on Namek?

    Also, if one or other dies, what would Krillin, Gohan, Dende and Goku (once he's heal from his wounds)'s reactions be soon after the fighters already had their death match? ...What would Freeza's reactions be to the aftermath of the big fight?

    Note: The scenario and whatever events that'll take place here is in another alternate Namek Saga. One where Freeza took a little while longer to get to the Z-Fighters and their current foe-at-the-moment.

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    The main problem is that we don't really know how strong Piccolo was after training with King Kai but before fusing with Nail. He never fought with anyone in that brief period between power ups.

    The only possible indication comes from a filler episode where Yamcha, Tien and Chiaozu defeat the Ginyu force with little issue. Assuming that Piccolo was still stronger than those three as he usually is that would put him above Recoome who beat the shit out of Vegeta. But that's quit a few assumptions based on one filler episode that doesn't include Piccolo, so I wouldn't put a lot of stock into it.

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    ^^^Yeah! Not to mention, Piccolo had a late start when it came to the Kai's training.
    Since initially, Piccolo had such a low opinion of the unorthodox King Kai & wanted nothing to do with him...

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