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    Upfronts had nothing.

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    Other than Zaslov name dropping Superman specifically as one of the main DC heroes they plan on using, yep, nothing of worth. Was kinda hoping for a MAWS trailer but otherwise any big DC announcements are coming at Fandome I bet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanlos View Post
    He sees himself as on the same level as Affleck. I just can't help wondering if he knows what an Oscar is.
    Quick thought experiment.

    I think Affleck, by far, is a bigger star than Cavill. But just among viewers between the ages of 18-25, who'd be the more appealing leading man for a superhero film? I'm not totally sure Affleck would win. Affleck would totally dominate polls among anyone over the age of 35, I think, but among young adults and teens? It might be close.

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