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    Post Your first meeting with the DC Characters

    When is the first time you know these DC comics superheroes. For me, here is the list below for my first knowing of each heroes.

    Batman = Batman the Animated Series
    Superman = DCAU Justice League
    Wonder Woman = DCAU Justice League
    The Flash (Wally West) = DCAU Justice League
    Green Lantern (John Stewart) = DCAU Justice League
    Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) = Green Lantern (2011)
    Martian Manhunter = DCAU Justice League
    Aquaman = DCAU Justice League
    Starfire = Teen Titans
    Cyborg = Teen Titans
    Beast Boy = Teen Titans
    Raven = Teen Titans
    Nightwing = Young Justice
    The Flash (Barry Allen) = Young Justice
    Hawkgirl = DCAU Justice League
    Metamorpho = DCAU Justice League
    Zatanna = JLU
    Booster Gold = JLU
    Black Canary = JLU
    Green Arrow = JLU
    Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) = Comics
    Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) = Comics
    Lex Luthor = Superman's Return
    Lobo = DCAU Justice League
    Atom = JLU
    Vixen = JLU
    Captain Atom = JLU
    Fire and Ice = JLU
    Gorilla Grodd = DCAU Justice League
    Guy Gardner = Batman: The brave and the Bold
    Blue Beetle (Jaimes Reyes) = Batman: The brave and the Bold
    Cheetah = DCAU Justice League
    Giganta = DCAU Justice League
    Batgirl = Young Justice
    Jason Todd = Comics
    Tim Drake = Young Justice
    Damian Wayne = DCMAU
    Black Lightning = Young Justice
    Cassandra Cain = Comics
    Katana = Suicide Squad (2016)
    Deadshot = DCAU
    The Flash's Rogue = DCAU
    Arsenal = Teen Titans
    Garth = Teen Titans
    Bart Allen = Young Justice
    Kon-El = Young Justice
    Wonder Girl = Young Justice
    Donna Troy = Comics
    Animal Man = Comics
    Justice Society = Comics
    Stargirl = DCAU
    Hawk and Dove = DCAU
    Amazo = DCAU
    Dr. Fate = DCAU
    Mister Terrific = DCAU
    Plastic Man = Batman : The Brave and the bold
    Vandal Savage = DCAU

    And the list goes on. Here are most of the DC heroes first interaction. Without DCAU, I won't be here with the community by knowing most of the DC heroes.

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    All of those were comics (Justice League) with the exception of the Trinity who I first saw on the syndicated live action shows and then Superfriends. With Superman there was also Superboy with a Haynes guy and a Gerard Christopher

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    My first interaction with many was in the Animated world in Batman the Animated Series and DCAU Justice League.

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    DC Rebirth comics for pretty much everyone outside of Batman and Superman, who I knew from the movies. I've read older comics since then, and watched the Young Justice cartoon.
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    Batman and Robin- Batman 1966 series
    The expanded Gotham cast- BTAS
    Superman- Fleischer Cartoon shorts on TV.
    Wonder Woman- Lynda Carter series.
    Flash- DCAU
    Green Lantern- DCAU
    Hawkgirl- DCAU
    Outside the Teen Titans cast (which came from the animated series in the 2000s), most were in the DCAU or the comics if not the DCAU.

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    Bart Allen = Smallville

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    Batman, Robin, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow-Superfriends the debut season in '73 (I was 4)
    I got my first Batman comics (#250) around the same time, not sure which came first there.

    Later seasons of Superfriends probably account for my first encounters of a lot of DC characters but in the '73-76 era I was getting a lot of DC Mego figures and a handful of DC comics. I also got a handful of Viewmaster reels featuring DC characters around that time as well, and it's a bit hazy what came first among all of that.

    A few I do remember...

    JSA-in the JLA/JSA crossover in JLA #123
    Krypto-in my first Superman comic #287
    Darkseid-in the pages of Supervillain Team Up (can't remember which issue)

    I didn't get a lot of DC comics as a kid (I was more of a Marvel in comics DC on the screen fan as a kid), when I did buy DC books it was usually JLA, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern, but started diving in deep to DC when I was in high school and had my own money to buy comics-turning 16 in '85, so Crisis on Infinite Earths introduced me to a boatload of DC characters I had never encountered before.

    So Superfriends as a kid and Crisis as a high schooler were my big 2 gateways into DC characters.

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    In my earliest memories of most of the big deal DC characters, I already knew who they were.

    For Superman, my earliest memory was a tape my Grandpa got me for my third or fourth birthday of Fleischer cartoons.
    How do I know I already knew who Superman was?
    Because I already had Opinions about him.

    In "Japoteurs," Superman takes multiple tries to break through a barred door, and I was shocked! I thought, "He's strong enough to do that on the first try! He's Superman!" I was also surprised he couldn't return the meteor in "The Magnetic Telescope" to space under his own power. In both cases, he soon made another, even cooler feat (catching the giant airplane downtown and using his body as a conduit to power the magnet, respectively) and so all was forgiven, but I still must have known enough about Superman to have those opinions in the first place!

    Similarly my earliest memory of Batman was "Batman the Movie" starring Adam West and Burt Ward, but I remember asking my Dad what Robin's real name was - which I would only know to do if I was already familiar with Robin!

    I do distinctly remember learning who Jimmy Olsen was. I was at my grandmother's, reading an old comic book from the '70s (Jimmy Olsen # 140 iirc) and I remember being like "Who's this Jimmy Olsen dude? Why is he best buddies with Superman?" I must have been about seven. However, once Jimmy and Superman entered the Bottle City of Kandor, I got caught up enough in the stories that it stopped bothering me. Who's Jimmy? A guy who's friends with Superman. Simple enough!
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    With the exceptions of the characters who appeared on early Superfriends seasons (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Robin/Nightwing, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Flash Barry Allen, Hawkgirl, Lex Luthor, Gorilla Grodd, Cheetah, and Giganta, plus Captain Cold from the Flash's Rouges Gallery) and Batgirl (reruns of the Adam West Batman series), most of them were introduced to me in comics, in particular Crisis on Infinite Earths (at least the ones who were around in 1985), though I do remember reading some New Teen Titans prior to that.

    If you'd had Shazam/Captain Marvel on the list, then it would've been his live-action show on Saturday mornings in the 70s.

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    I'm 52. When I was about 4 years old Super Friends premiered (1973) and Batman actually scared me. I think it was the ears and the fact that no other SF character covered their face, but that actually drew me to him and I soon discovered reruns of the Adam West series. By the time I was 5, watching SF and Batman '66 reruns religiously and reading as many comics as I could find at dime stores etc, obsessively learning all I could about DC characters.

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    Shout out the DC Super Dictionary and my fellow senior citizens who encountered the whole DC roster that way, in all their cake-stealing glory.

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    Batman, Robin, Batgirl - reruns of the 60's show
    Superman- reruns of the 50's show
    Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern-Superfriends show
    Teen Titans- back issues at my Dad's barber shop
    Justice League, Legion- silver age back issues in my friend's older brothers comic box
    JSA- discovered in a double page spread in a giant size JLA comic, and my mind was blown. TWO Supermans????????
    Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spiderman- discovered at a drug store when my interest in comics was piqued enough to actually search out where to buy them.

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    I saw this in 1976 I believe. About the same time, I was watching the Super Friends and the episode featured Superman fighting a robot duplicate. It wasn’t really a fight but it got me hooked on the character.

    Super Friends was my intro to just about everyone. I saw the Flash and was blown away. I started buying comics. First Superman titles including Superboy & the Legion. That lead to World’s Finest & Justice League. Those led to everything else.
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    Most DC characters I saw for the first time via other merch - lunch boxes, t-shirts, underoos - usually as rendered by Jose-Luis Garcia Lopez.

    But I really got to know them via the comics books. Animation, films, etc all came later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by astro@work View Post
    Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spiderman- discovered at a drug store when my interest in comics was piqued enough to actually search out where to buy them.
    There's an equivalent thread in the Marvel section.
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