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    Default Freddy Krueger vs Neo

    Freddy Krueger, the Nightmare from Elm Street


    Neo, The One from the Matrix

    Battle will start in the Dream World, but Neo will have his Full "The One" Power set, as if he were in the Matrix

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    Freddy Krueger's range of abilities seems more wide ranging and deadly for Neo's more limited kit.

    Even though Neo showed a bit more in the latest movie spoilers:
    it actually kind of made me think he has less of a chance than I might have prior because it demonstrated another being who had the ability to shut his stuff down and he didn't have an answer or even the beginnings of a solution to a challenge that wasn't a direct fight.

    If Freddy transmutes him or a takes a more nondirect path Neo won't react well to that even if he technically has the power to do so.
    end of spoilers
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    “As if he were in the matrix” and “start of in the dream world” are sentences that make it a really hard for neo to win…., he has no real defense against freddy’s arsenal of soul based magic/reality warping and whatnot, while the matrix movies have alot to do with invasion of peoples mind, which is right up freddy’s dream alley.

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