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    Quote Originally Posted by Masonicon View Post
    probably everyone knows that both Digimon 02(and it's sequels) and current seasons of Pokemon anime have uniformly useless human characters(without mons, at least), at least in canon
    That's just kinda blatantly untrue. They're especially more capable than a random pizza parlor security guard, who can survive the animatronics by himself.

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    Considering that the Digivices can fire laser beams and do some pretty esoteric crap, no they are not that helpless. They're certainly better equipped than a random security guard. And the tone of your posts is definitely suggesting that you have a specific agenda to off these kids. Just a reminder: We do *not* allow spite threads on this board with the exception of the curbstomp thread. You got a beef with current Pokemon/Digimon, take it out there.
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    Thread closed for earlier bumping and spite thread.
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