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    Quote Originally Posted by Sacred Knight View Post
    I bet it'll affect the solos after the current arcs of those monthlies wrap up. They can always just say that the events of the solos take place slightly before the events of JL #75. I don't see any chance that its completely stand-alone and for all intents and purposes out of continuity. This has all the makings of one the beginning of the next major event, likely a Crisis. More likely it resonates everywhere, the other monthlies just able to wrap up what's being told on their end in the meantime.
    I don't see how that really meshes with the GL writer apparently never hearing about this until the announcement and Conrad tweeting stuff about using more if Diana's old villains. And Johnson telling people not to worry.

    Not that any of them have any serious pull. But hopefully it indicates that the solo books can just function as normal. Literally nobody is asking for any of this, I would hope the company would be smart (ha!) To not force it on an audience who has no delusions that any of these characters will stay dead

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    Well, when I imagine allowing them to finish their arcs, I'm not meaning something like, getting one more month to wrap things up and that's it. My initial mindset was they'd be able to get to the summer with their stuff before things began syncing up. This is barring some major twist to the story being told in JL that allows it to matter while still staying disconnected. But its hard to imagine right now how that might happen. Otherwise its just really hard to not see it resonating across the DCU as they usually do things. Obviously I can and often am wrong though, lol. So we'll see.
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