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    Default Superman vs Submariner (speed equalized)

    Clark Kent vs Namor Mckenzie.

    All rounds speed equalized.

    1. 1st appearances (late 1930s)

    2. 20th century main canon (early 1990s)

    3. 21st century main canon (late 2010s)

    Other than no blitzing, standard rumbles settings.

    Who wins between the Big Two's First Superheroes?

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    2 and 3 absolutely go to Clark. 90s Superman uses his heat vision to dry Namor out. 2010s just pulls his head off.

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    One may go to Namor. I seem to recall his lifting a submarine and I don't mean underwater but that may not have been his first appearance.

    2 and 3 are easily won by Superman.
    Power with Girl is better.

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