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    Quote Originally Posted by Shambles View Post
    I love Vita's Warpath. He's endearingly earnest and sweet. So much better than just the angry guy cliche he was under other writers.

    Plus he's got a neck now. That's a definite win
    Bah. Necks are overrated.
    “Not as good as I once was… but I’m as good, once, as I ever was.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by KylunFan View Post

    Poor Banshee has spent 20 years being nothing but a punching bad since Gen X finished.

    He had his weird fascist X-Corps turn after Moira died and then was unceremoniously killed off in Deadly Genesis.

    He was then resurrected as a Horseman (for some reason) in Uncanny Avengers before Rosenberg used him as a weird non-talking walking corpse in his grimdark X-Men stuff.

    Even on Krakoa his long-time lover Moira became a major character and all he got out of it was being skinned alive by her.

    The brief reunion scene with Emma at the Hellfire Gala is literally the only good Banshee moment in decades at this point.
    Yeah, especially weird since he was such a straight-forwardly heroic character originally.

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