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    Quote Originally Posted by HollowSage View Post
    I’m sure you are right and that’s fine. Nothing stays on top forever. The only issue seems to be people who can’t wait patiently for it to run its course and just want to see the thing they don’t like fail as soon as possible.
    if you are talking of box office. marvel is going to be on top indefinitely. No one can stop them anymore, take it from a person who once said any harry potter related movie would still be earning more than mcu movies. Oh boy was I wrong.

    I also think James Cameron is having sleepless nights since he knows it may be hard for him to pull off another Titanic and Avatar box office size, but if anyone can do this again it is him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thezmage View Post
    I mean I think that people DO have horror fatigue, that's why they don't see most of the horror films. I don't think superhero fatigue will lead to no superhero films but just less enthusiasm for them
    Oh we still get them-It is just they don't always make the theaters.

    Horror movies from Japan alone on Netflix can keep you watching. Same with Tubi.

    As for super hero fatigue it seems to some just having black folks in them is enough for them to go off. I was in a livestream for a movie yesterday and someone tossed this out-Marvel is trying to inject the most black folks in the movies to see which one is the most woke.

    Excluding Black Panther-where is this movie with a ton of blacks in it? Which I asked and suddenly the stream got one less person on it.

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