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    Default Banned for a week for trolling a spambot?

    It just seems excessive for 1 post. A warning, sure. Maybe a day ban if its not my first offense (I thought I had a clean record). But 5 days?

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    3 days. And this is just the standard, it doesn't matter what a person's history is.

    From the CBR Community Standards & Rules:


    We have a report post function on the forums, help us out and use it when you see spam. Whatever zinger you have to say in reply to spam isn't as hilarious as you think it is, trust us. By replying to spam instead of reporting it to us you may also be helping that spammer promote their message, and that may result in consequences for your account. People caught replying to/quoting/or responding to spam may receive temporary bans from the site. Be a part of the solution, don't add to the problem.
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