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Let's see. The ones I really WANT to see collected, and that there is still a chance it may be some day:

2 - L.E.G.I.O.N.
3 - Ostrander's Hawkworld (followed by his and Messener Loeb's Hawkman)
4 - the 90's Captain Atom
5 - Devin Grayson's Titans

Collections that I probably will never see collected, but that I'd like to see (mostly guilty pleasures, except for the first one, that is really deserving, but we will probably never see for other reasons.)

4 - The Way of the Warrior Crossover
5 - Barr and Pelltier's 90's Outsiders

There are probably others in all the categories I'll eventually remember later, however, for now, that's it.

I'd be first in line to pre-order all of these.