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    Quote Originally Posted by Rzerox21xx View Post
    Carlos Gomez does fanart for the series he working in like Mary Jane, America Chavez and others in swimsuits, I wouldn't mind seeing Gomez a piece of Alison, Jubilee, Tabitha, and Laura in bikinis in the beach, playing volleyball or sunbathing, hell I'll pay for the pateron that month to see it early.
    I still want a follow-up or resolution to the plot of Amazing Mary Jane by Williams and Gomez that could synch with X-Terminators, perhaps dovetailing into whether or not Mary Jane is still a spokeswoman for Krakoa's medicines and whatever the aftereffects of being used as a hostage/puppet by Moira X and then the plot of Dark Web might be on her. Throw in Black Cat, too, since Williams did write her as well in a story for Marvel's Voices: Pride last year. In a nutshell, give me (some of) my favorite X-Gals teaming up with my favorite Spider-Gals, as illustrated by Gomez and written by Williams, and we'll be golden.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackraow21 View Post
    Agreed. At this point move Logan, Deadpool and Domino over here (for the sales boost) with Laura, Ali, Boomer and Jubilee and make it monthly while canceling X-Force.

    X-Terminators could be a ridiculous, “unhinged” (as someone above put it) and fun monthly comic that would sell as well as, if not better than, Percy’s X-Force. That book just needs to be put down IMO.
    Domino would fit in pretty seamlessly, while I could see Deadpool adding to the mayhem and Logan trying to be the straight man, comedically speaking, amidst all the unhinged mayhem and ridiculousness (I say that in the best way possible).
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    Funnily, I don't think X-Terminators has actually been any less bloody than most X-Force incarnations. It's just feels like it's enjoying it a lot more.

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