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    Quote Originally Posted by Jman27 View Post
    MJ stuck in another dimension with another dude reminds me of the 90s show
    Having rewatched that episode, I thought it was more that she was stuck drifting in a void between dimensions, though according to what I read/heard somewhere, if TAS had gotten a 6th season after Spider Wars, Madame Web would have brought Peter to find Mary Jane in a version of Victorian London, with Carnage/Cletus Kasady also operating as the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper . . . which would have explained (in-universe) why the Ripper was never identified or caught.
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    Where the thing that the kids are part Wayeb come from?
    Paul pushed all of Wayeb to the portal, there is nothing left in the side of MJ and Paul.
    I think the kids are made by Paul using that strange technology that we see, but it really matters where they came from? MJ thinks of them as her kids like to her that is her family and even when everybody go back to normal you can’t just make MJ love some kids so much and considered them her kids and never mentioned them again
    But I believe that’s what will happen lol

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