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    Quote Originally Posted by Moxxi517 View Post
    I'm mixed on this because I feel like Randy knows Peter well enough for Peter to tell him, and him finding out could lead to some fun stories. But Peter doesn't have many close friends who don't know he is Spider-Man. Just wish there were more side characters in ASM right now.
    There's still Betty

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    Quote Originally Posted by vitruvian View Post
    With regard to the anti-vigilante law, even without being able to outright repeal it, I've been having difficulty understanding two things:

    1) How it would apply to heroes still sanctioned by higher levels of government, like the Avengers, at all. I mean, with federal or even international status, they are no more vigilantes than an FBI agent or US marshal, and a municipality such as NYC can't ban those from operating within city limits.

    2) Even for those heroes like Spider-Man (unless he retains Avengers membership) or Moon Knight or Daredevil, as mayor why can't Luke simply deputize them as members of the NYPD, or order the police commissioner to do so, giving them the same status as his current Thunderbolts team? Boom, no longer vigilantes.
    This got even sillier in this week's Luke Cage issue of the Gang War event... with a cop threatening to arrest Luke Cage, the mayor, if he helped the cops out with some heavily armed perps.

    Again, as mayor, he should be able to deputize anyone he trusts as members of the police force and therefore not vigilantes. In fact, the existence of the current iteration of the Thunderbolts group demonstrates that he can do just that, including individuals whose identity is classified such as Gutsen Glory and even non-humans who may not have any legal status such as Eegro - so given that and how easily Fisk recruited supervillains, even ones presumably wanted at the federal level, as Thunderbolts, what's stopping him from naming every superhero he trusts a member and therefore a de facto member of the NYPD allowed to operate in NYC?

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