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    Now that I think about it, I think this is the first time any animated version of Cheetah has been clearly identified as being Barbara Minvera.

    I mean, they usually use Barbara's Cheetah form, but they usually don't give her a name beyond "Cheetah."

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    I couldn't help but notice straight away she looks nothing like a cheetah. That fur pattern belongs to leopards, she's the color of a cougar, her dark hair looks like the mane of a male lion, she's got pointy ears like a lynx or a caracal, blue eyes like a snow leopard or a white tiger...but none of the physical traits of a cheetah, they missed the cheetah completely in this design, how does that happen lol In Brazil, they actually call her "Leopard Woman" which in this case is only half-wrong

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    Rucka finally managed to make me care about her in his Rebirth run. Part of that was due to the killer redesign she got, that helped me take her as a more serious threat. Her backstory helped me buy her friendship with Diana, and made me sad for her fall. She also has a good motive in wanting revenge on Cale for cursing her again after she got cured.

    I still think it would’ve been a stronger ending if Cheetah DID kill Cale. Diana would’ve been forced to bring her in, even if she might have empathy for Cheetah’s motives. Cheetah would have embraced her curse. There’d be conflict between Fiana wanting to cure her and help her with Cheetah not really wanting that anymore.

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    Cheetah (and Giganta) are the cover of the Bad Guy Beach Special or whatever it is that is coming out this summer. If she's starring in one of the 10 stories, I'm curious about who in that list of writers will be writing it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
    "Bobbi?" That's new .

    If they had to change the Cheetah's first name to make her sound more youthful, they should have went with Barbie instead.
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