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    Default Have you ever had to deal with a friends death?

    Made friends with a Japanese guy at a fun park in 2016. Would meet up a coulpla times a year and were regular pen friends. Stopped hearing from him a few months ago. Last month i started getting emails from his mother. Finally met up with her, after she assured me she wasn't a con artist, and informed me that my friend had died back in July.
    She said he died suddenly, but didn't say how. (I suspect suicide). Been going through the usual stages. Grief anger etc. Am proud to have known the guy and cherish my memories..
    Have you had such experiences? Thanks for any support...

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    Too many times. Including a two friends who took their own lives. When you get into your 60s, loss becomes a part of life. It's is always hard. Concentrating on the good of having known these people helps.

    Sorry for your loss.
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    Yeah, I've lost a couple of people.

    My best friend from high school died some years ago and it hurt pretty bad. I lost my dad shortly after (it's not easy losing a parent).

    Loss is a part of life and as we get older, we start to lose people close to us. We just have to find a way to cope, gather the strength and move on. Nothing else one can do.

    So sorry for your loss, take heart.

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    Yes, of course, a number of people. But death is part of life and living. It never gets easier to lose someone we care about.
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    Yes, I had a good friend I'd known most of my life who died of a rare heart condition. I still keep in touch with his wife and two sons but it was very difficult for them.

    He wasn't just a close close friend but he had been my teacher when I was in high school (he was 6 years older than me). I respected him immensely. I would go to him for advice regularly. It definitely left a huge void in my life.

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    I'm sorry for your loss.

    I lost a close friend a few years ago to complications of a chronic health condition (sickle-cell anemia.) My family has stayed close with his mom (she visited yesterday) and that helps give a sense of meaning.
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    Several over the years I'm sorry to say. It varies a bit among them, but I still miss them.

    I'm sorry you're dealing with this.

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