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    Default Dar-Benn vs thanos

    Dar-Benn (Marvels) vs MCU 2014 Thanos
    Dar-Benn is at full power after absorbeding the marvels energy she has 1 Quantum Band and the Universal Weapon

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    Honestly had a hard time gauging what her power level was since the movie gave her so little focus. I guess she can basically absorb basically any energy blast MCU Captain Marvel could put out and use it to power her own energy blasts which could knock around CM as well
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    Dar Benn should take this - she's tough enough when fully amped such that Carol's hits don't do much, and her hits actually do stuff to Carol.

    The downside - her powers with the Q-band are sort of explicitly "anti-Carol" AND all of their fighting was happening while the Marvel's couldn't really use their powers to full level to boot.

    The movie's high-end feats are pretty intense: jump-starting a star is pretty solid. It just didn't seem like Carol was going all-out in the human combat scenes. She'd hit Kree soldiers and they got up sometimes - meanwhile she effortlessly annihilates their ships by all of flying through them, casually iced the Supreme Intelligence, at some level might have busted their sun and most definitely starts the sun back up again. If Dar Benn can take sun-busting level hits and laugh them off, well, she's waaaaaay past Thanos. There's just not really much evidence that Carol was unloading that hard on her.
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